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  1. Once example is the Magni Gyro M-16, a factory-built gyroplane imported from Italy. Recently approved for sale in the United States, this partially enclosed, tandem-seat machine won the Best Gyroplane prize at Sun-N-Fun 2000 air show in Florida, and a slew of other awards.
  2. 2 seat gyrocopter; Weight 628 lb / 285 kg; 145 km/h / 90 mph cruise speed; Fully closed cockpit; The official page of this aircraft is here. Accordingly to PrinceAir the price starts at €81,000 (VAT included) and goes up to €87,000 with extras.s.

A powerful, high-performance 2-seat gyro:

2018 Tango-2 Gyroplane. Below details are subject to change. Please inquire.
Engine: Yamaha YG series engine (3 cylinder – 1050cc) rated at appx. 120hp
PRSU: Proprietary (3:1 ratio) with Aluminum adapter plate
Instruments: ASI, VSI, Altimeter, Engine instruments (Engine Tach, Rotor Tach), Voltmeter, Dual USB, Hobbs hour meter.
Rotor blades: 28′ extruded aluminum (8.5″ chord)
Propeller: 69″ Scimitar-type (3 blade) Carbon Fiber with Stainless-steel leading edge
Body Components: Tub – fiberglass, seat pans – fiberglass, wheel pants – fiberglass
Frame: Stainless-steel with folding mast
Pre-Rotator: 2-step mechanical
Controls: Full dual controls
Cruising Speed: 70-75mph
Lift Capacity: approx. 525lbs of passengers + machine with full fuel tanks
Rotor Speed during Cruise: AVG. 340-360RPM

2 seat gyrocopter plans kits

2 Seat Gyrocopter Plans For Sale

PRICE:Only $46,500 No trades

Phone 410-668-2757 from 1pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

Standard Configuration* Calidus

2 seat gyrocopter plans for sale

• Closed, two seat autogyro in tandem configuration
• Monocoque cell with closed canopy fitted with emergency vision vent and 2 side vents (left and right)
• Patented Silent Block System
• Mast and tail boom electropolished
• Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m / 8,8m / TOPP
• Rotax 912ULS with 100 HP or Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP fitted complete with a slipper clutch and exhaust system
• Propeller HTC 3B CW172,5
• Pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake
• Pneumatic pre rotator
• Hydraulic mainwheel brakes with parking lock
• 39ltr fuel tank
• Rotor tie down bag
• Fully painted body and all composite panels
• Pilot seat with angle and position adjustable seatback
• Seating position and angle adjustable for body size from 165 to 200 cm
• Seats include a four point harness
• Choivce of standard colours, or unlimited colours
• Ready for you, full inspected and test flown

Instrument Panel:

• Airspeed indicator
• Engine and rotor rpm
• Oil temperature
• Oil pressure
• Engine CHT
• Compass
• Hour (Hobbs) meter
• Electric fuel gauge

Additional Equipment*


• Second fuel pump (electrical) for Rotax 912 ULS
• Auxiliary tank 36ltr
• Electrical in-flight variable-pitch propeller IVO DL3-68 “3 sheet, 172 cm, switching position from 18 to 28 degrees


• All aircraft panels made from GRP/CFK. Panels (Body, tail unit, rudder, engine and mast panels, suspension bow, wheel housings and spinner) are painted in the customers colour:
• Standard colours are yellow, red, and white (cost included in the basic price)
• Special colours (solid colour or metallic), two-colour lacquer finishes or special lacquer finishes are available subject to special order


2 Seat Gyrocopter Plans

• ELT automatic radio beacon Kannad 406 AF-Compact
• Radio f.u.n.k.e. Avionics ATR833 incl. wiring harness
• Integral antenna in the tail or bow
• Transponder f.u.n.k.e. Avionics TRT800H incl. wiring harness
• Card compass in place of standard compass

School Equipment

• Flight instructor set consisting of throttle, brake, switches, rear seat stick


• Landing lights LED (2 x 2,5 W) incl. wiring harness
• Strobes incl. navigation lights LED


2 Seater Gyrocopter Kit

• GPS cockpit variants for GPS devices and RAM mountings (according to catalogue)
• Climb indicator (VSI) 80 and/or 57 mm

2 Seat Gyrocopter Plans

2 Seat Gyrocopter Plans For Sale

Energy Supply

Gyrocopter Kits


• 12V socket for energy supply

Special Equipment

4 Passenger Gyrocopter

• Roll trim
• Summer canopy (cut outs on left and right side)
• Painted sunroof
• Additional side-vent in the back
• Cockpit heating variable
• Spinner (painted) für HTC / IVO-Prop
• Wheel housings painted
• Heavy duty or sport tires
• Floats as kits (currently certified in Sweden)
• Fire Warning System
• Footmat (front and rear)
• Set of luggage bags (left and right
• Luggage bag pilot seat

*) Die Grund- und Zusatzausstattung ist länderspezifisch und zulassungsrelevant. Wir beraten euch gern persönlich.