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Panasonic 3DO Emulator The 3DO In the year 1993, Panasonic originally produced a console for video games, which was name 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, which is more often called just 3DO. Sanyo, together with Goldstar, also released another kind of rendition of the 3DO’s hardware in 1994. Description: Phoenix is an emulator of 3DO Interactive Player and Atari Jaguar written by Maxim Grishin. This emulator has been developed over the course of eight years and boasts an impressive 100% comparability with all 3DO software. Did the emulator work? Worked for 67% / based on 3 voters. This is a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer emulator for Windows. Parameters Values; Console: 3DO.

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The 3DO, also known as the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer that was produced by Panasonic and released in 1993. With a performance estimated to be between that of the Saturn and the PS1, its beat titles were ports of Arcade and PC games, with the most popular ones being Alone in the Dark, Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Star Wars: Rebel Assault to cite a few. The console however met quite a low response due to the competition (Sega and Nintendo) and its high price tag ($699 at launch). Thankfully, gamers can still discover the console’s interface and its games through 3DO emulators, the best one being known as 4DO.

Minimum Requirements

Like most of the consoles of its time, emulating the 3DO console has rather common requirements. These minimum requirements will allow users to have a rather high compatibility list among the games run on the 3DO emulator.

  • 32bit Windows Vista/XP
  • 1GHz Processor
  • GDI Rendering for Compatibility
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 128MB of VRAM

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Recommended Requirements

If the minimum requirements allow a high list of compatibility, there are some games that will not run on the 3DO emulator, and may require the following recommended requirements.

  • 64bit Windows 7
  • Dual Core Processor
  • DirectX 9 Rendering
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 256MB of VRAM

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Configuration and Emulation

Configuring the Gamepad

The first thing to do if you want to optimize the emulation of 3DO games is to configure a gamepad to the 3DO emulator. It is recommended to verify that the gamepad is connected to the PC before starting 4DO to avoid input errors. Once done, start the emulator, click on “Option” and finally click on “Configure Input…”.


If all goes well, a gamepad configuration screen will pop-up, allowing the configuration of up to 6 controllers. If you are not familiar with emulators, an easy way to assign the controls to the buttons of the gamepad is to click on “Set All”. This will allow you to assign the buttons manually, one at a time and in a set order. Advanced users can click on each control to assign them to the different buttons of their gamepad in any way they wish to.

Configuring the BIOS

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Before being able to run 3DO ROMs, you need to set up a BIOS file for the 3DO emulator. Normally in a .rom or .bin format, this file can easily be obtained with a Google search.

Once obtained, simply click on “Choose BIOS rom”, browse to the path of the file and select it.

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Emulating 3DO Games

Once the BIOS file is installed, all you need to do is to run the games. The best way to do this is to get a 3DO game CD, insert it in the drive of your PC. Then, from 4DO click on “File” and then on “Open Disc Drive”. The game will then load just like it would on a 3DO console.

Another way to run games if you do not have a game CD is to find the image file of a 3DO game. Normally in a .ISO, .BIN or .CUE extension. It is generally recommended to use .CUE images for a higher compatibility, although it is also possible to convert other formats or run them through a Virtual Drive.