Nov 2nd, 2012

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Automation Studio 6.2 Free Download Windows 7

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As always, Automation Studio version 6.2 is available for both industry and educational institutions. The new release includes a combination of user-friendly system design features, advanced engineering capabilities, dynamic and realistic simulation, and comprehensive animation features in. Download automation studio 6 educational for free. Education software downloads - Automation Studio Educational Edition by Famic Technologies and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

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  3. Automation Studio™ P6 is a multi-user environment. It allows you to perform collaborative workon a project through data sharing and synchronization between different users. Moreover, thanks to the Access Rights Manager, you can set access restrictions for reading, publishing, etc... Therefore, you can safely share your projects with customers, suppliers,and of course your colleagues.
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  7. Configurable Project Explorer
  8. Project Explorer is fully customizable. It allows you toview the necessary and appropriate information, based on your needs. The new interface provides you with a global project overview and keeps you updated on the status of each one of its documents.
  9. You can access Automation Studio™ License Server through a LAN or WAN connection. The server provides license usage logs and statistics.
  10. Standards can be defined at different hierarchical levels including: company, divisions, branches, projects,and documents. They can cover every aspects of a project for both technologies and documentation including: fluid, material, hoses,lines, wires, cables, connectors, font, colors, page layout, naming rules, components, title block, component representation during editing and simulation, etc.
  11. Enhanced Project Documentation
  12. A rich set of functions for automatic report generation and flexible formatting isnow available. Users can create their own templates for anytype of document or report: Title Block, BOM, Wire List, Purchase Orders, etc. Enhanced Project Documentation
  13. Automate your Workflow by Using the Appropriate Templates
  14. You can define a specific standard for each department using Automation Studio™. Furthermore, applying the appropriate standards allows you to automate many activities in your workflow. For instance, engineering drawings can be reused by a Technical Publications department to automatically convert them to appropriate presentation formats without having the need touse specialized authoring tools or doing tedious andtime consuming manual conversion.
  15. Automate your Workflow by Using the Appropriate Templates
  16. Fluid and line configurator allows you to configure the lines based on circuit, installation,function, material,types, etc. Line appearance can be configured for both editing and simulation. Furthermore, during simulation, the appearance can be defined as a function of threshold levels of either flow or pressure.
  17. configure-lines-circuit-installation-function-material-types
  18. A Modern User Interface
  19. P6 user interface optimizes your screen’s workspace. It implements contemporary concepts such as configurable ribbon bars, retractable, floating,and docked dialogues. This improved environment allows for data entry to be automatically validated, advanced undo/redo features,and harmonization of properties dialogs.
  20. Make P6 an Integral Part of your Corporate Applications
  21. Thanks to the Application Programming Interfaces (API)and scripting language, Automation Studio™ users now have access to a new level of application integration:
  22. Access to many Automation Studio™ functions normally available through menus;
  23. Communicate with your corporate applications such as: PDM, ERP, 3DCAD,and others;
  24. Customize the user interface;
  25. Develop new applications by reusing Automation Studio™ functions.
  26. Event Log Manager
  27. The Message Explorer manages events,warningsanderrors also provides advanced filtering capabilities.
  28. Detailed information is displayed when hovering over an object on the screen. Hence, you now have easily access to the pertinent component properties.
  29. Configurable Tooltips
  30. A major advantage in today’s competitive markets isto provide customers worldwide with product documentation in their own language. With P6, users don’t need to recreate their projects for each language supported. A project integrated translation database manages all information required to switch the project from one language to another including texts, pictures, hyperlinks, audios,and videos.
  31. The user simply chooses the active language and Automation Studio™ will automatically replaceall corresponding information in the project with the equivalent ones found in the translation database. This new feature facilitates the transfer of your projects to your clients, colleagues or partners abroad.
  32. Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  33. Redesigned Libraries
  34. The generic component libraries have been redesigned. The components have been grouped by functionin order to
  35. Additional CAD drawing objects have been added.
  36. P6 provides extensive diagnostic tools allowing for detection of inconsistencies orerrors such as free connectors, redundant or overlapping lines, non-compliance with ISO standards, etc.
  37. The simulation in P6 takes into consideration several additional phenomena and improves the evaluation of many existing ones
  38. Vapour pressure of the oil
  39. Very high pressure system (>5000 Bar)
  40. The Accessory Manager provides users with a globalview of all the accessories used in the project. Accessories and miscellaneous parts whether shown on schematics ornot can easily be added to the project as well.
  41. Electrotechnical
  42. P6 offers new electrical components including: splices, connectors andconnection boxes, junctions and connections blocks, variable speed drives,and multipolar links to cover a wider scope of applications.
  43. electrical-electrotechnical-components
  44. Wire & Cable Management
  45. Wire and cable spools’ management isnow available. A dedicated configurator manages all spools relateddata including: materials, gauges, colors, patterns, detailed picture of cables, etc.
  46. Improved Switches, Relays,and Protection Device Configurators
  47. You can adjust contacts’ spacing in groups andview the command on a single contact group orall groups. Moreover, you can add a cross-reference satellite by contact group and define a position matrix for switches. The image terminal has also been improved in order to be viewable on multiple lines. The wire identifier location can be configurable as well.
  48. P6 offers a dedicated editor so that the users can easily viewand adapt the connection scheme showing components interconnections.
  49. component-properties-short-circuit-thermal-magnetic
  50. Improve your Troubleshooting Skills
  51. The modelling of each hydraulic, pneumatic,and electrotechnical components integrates faults that can be triggered during the system simulation. A set of troubleshooting tools (multi-meter, hydraulic tester, pressure gages,and thermometer) can be used to diagnose and repair the problems. Users can quickly and easily perform 'What-if' scenarios to resolve potential problems. It is possible to disconnect wires orlinesto isolate parts of a circuit, perform measurements,and repair orreplace components to solve suspected failures.
  52. Over and above general training, this environment allows organizations to train their maintenance personnel and sharpen their skills relating to specific equipment by experimenting on the corresponding virtual system in a safe way. This will result in reduced equipment downtime and increased productivity.
  53. multi-meter-hydraulic-tester-pressure-gages-thermometer
  54. If you are using a Learning Management System (LMS), P6 is SCORM compliant and allows you to easily integrated it into your LMS. By doing so, your online training contents will be greatly improved thanks to Automation Studio’s realistic and interactive simulation.
  55. Full OPC Connectivity
  56. P6 introduces its OPC Server, which implements the latest OPC UA V1.1 standard, providing improved interaction with external equipment.
  57. This interface allows you toreadandwrite project variables organised by projects, schematics, components,and variables.
  58. OPC Client
  59. With its improved OPC Client, P6 supports OPC DA interfaces and V2.x V3.0 optimizing transfers and offering the ability to connect to multiple OPC Servers simultaneously. The software interface has been reviewed in order to improve the configuration and navigation process andto provide a dynamic display of the status of each configured item.
  60. P6 offers a new fully customizable variable manager compliant to the IEC 61131-3 international standard. Alldatatypes are supported. A rich set of functions is available including: createanddelete variables, automatic validation, display format, define aliases, define filters,import, export, etc.
  61. Manufacturers' catalogues have been significantly improved! The product’s validation status and 3D data along with product option configuration have been added to complete the range of information already at your fingertips.
  62. New and updated manufacturer’s catalogues are made available online on a regular basis.
  63. System Requirements:
  64. Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 bits and 64 bits) Professional Edition
  65. 2 GB of RAM available for Automation Studio™
  66. Graphic Card with a resolution of 1024x768 and 1 MB
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Procedure to update the Network protection Key (dongle) The key update is performed using Automation Studio™ license manager service. Once the key is updated, the Automation Studio™ software is no longer required on the server. Automation Studio™ P6 Professional Edition is the All-in-One Innovative Software Solution to Increase Engineering Productivity. Automation Studio is a circuit designing software. It is also used as a simulation and project documentation software for Fluid Power systems.

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Automation Studio Free Download Latest Version Setup for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Automation Studio for 32 And 64 Bit.

Automation Studio 6.2 Download

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Automation Studio Overview Automation Studio is a circuit designing software. It is also used as a simulation and project documentation software for Fluid Power systems.