RoleRecreational autogyro
National originUnited States
DesignerJerry Barnett
  1. Barnett Gyrocopters
  2. Barnett Gyrocopter
  3. Barnett Gyroplanes

The most popular way of obtaining a gyrocopter is by building it from a gyrocopter kit. The gyrocopter kits are sold between $7,000 - $8,000 and $25,000 - $30,000 - at least those that I have seen (You can find some kits here). Before buying an autogyro kit ask the seller if their kits are certified and who uses them. The Barnett Gyroplane is a single-place craft constructed of tubular 4130 steel, fiberglass and aluminum. Its pusher prop is powered by a 65-hp Continental engine (originally a VW engine). The pilot sits inside an enclosed cabin shell. JERRIE BARNETT dies in his sleep on August 4, 2009. Jerrie was one of the gyroplane pioneers with his safe, sleek, aircraft engine powered, one and two place gyroplanes. He was a good friend and he believed in helping others. He had recently purchased the rights to manufacture Rotordyne blades in the hope of providing rotors blades for his kits.

The Barnett J4B is a small gyroplane marketed in the United States by Barnett Rotorcraft for homebuilding. Originally flown as the J-3M with an open cockpit and fabric-covered sides, later versions have a fiberglass cockpit pod either partially or fully enclosing the pilot. Apart from the basic J4B, versions available in 2007 included the BRC540 (two seats side-by-side) and J4B2 (two seats in tandem). A J4B2 piloted by Ron Merkle holds a coast-to-coast speed record in the United States for gyrocopters.


Ultralight gyrocopter kits for saleBarnett Gyrocopter
Single-seat autogyro with 23 ft rotor.
Two-seat variant of the J4B with a 25ft 4in rotor.

Specifications (typical J4B)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one pilot
  • Length: 12 ft 4 in (3.76 m)
  • Height: 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m)
  • Empty weight: 530 lb (240 kg)
  • Gross weight: 880 lb (400 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Continental O-200 , 100 hp (75 kW)
  • Main rotor diameter: 23 ft 0 in (6.10 m)


  • Maximum speed: 125 mph (200 km/h, 109 kn)


  • Taylor, Michael J. H. (1989). Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation. London: Studio Editions. p. 121.

Barnett Gyrocopters


Barnett Gyrocopter

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Barnett Gyroplanes

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