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Dragon ball z bodukai tenkaichi 3 is one of the most famous dragon ball game. The game is specially design for Play station 2. This is game have run very interesting story mode of dragon ball warriors life. Dragon Ball super a big hit anime series 2015 to 2018. Dragon ball all the games fans love a lot. DBZ BT3 mods are also very demanded in Fans. Note this mod is VERY dependent on the Dragon Block C Mod currently but i will make a copy of this mod that can run without Dragon Block C. The mod adds in 70 mobs, multiple tools, and soon food and dimensions. Mobs include mostly Tournament of Power people and Revival of F and some others but more will be added when their models are fixed.

Dbz Ttt Tournament Of Power Mod Download Ppsspp

Hello Friends, today I am back again with new DBZ TTT MOD. This mod is dependent on Dragon Ball Heroes Anime series. So let’s Start.


Dragon Magic Ball Z Super final tenkaichi tag team a pair of Ultrat Instinct Battle Shin Budokai Fight tournament, this super saiyan games tournament faucet battle fight gold and fight of Xenoverse’s a pair of From super saiyan power extremist instrinct Blue to a final of chapter games. The last word tenkaichi tag team fight a pair of with completely different battle universe: son the goku. Ehy guys, Alpha and Mastaklo here! Today we bring you an update to my old stage! We worked together to make it as good as possible. We are still working on the.map files so. Expect a future upgrade.

What’s New Changes in This DBZ TTT MOD
2.2DBZ TTT MOD With Menu
3How To Download and Install TTT MOD

DBZ TTT MOD SDBH Big Bang Mission

This is DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod and it’s based on new Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Anime series. This is New Dragon Ball series. In this anime series Goku and Vegeta going to stop Fu and his evil plans. You Know friends the Dragon Ball Heroes original game you can’t play in Android. Today in this DB Heroes TTT MOD you will see all heroes Characters. This cool mod but in this all story lines is based on Dragon Ball Z series and you can play this story line with Heroes characters. You can play this game on your Android, iOS and PC devices by use PSP Emulator. It’s totally Offline and free download.

What’s New Changes in This DBZ TTT MOD

You will also see in this mod Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes characters. There are so many new characters Available. In this TTT MOD you will see all Super Dragon Ball Heroes characters with New Attacks and Effects. You will also see new battle ground like Anime. This DBZ TTT MOD is going to be special for you because it’s totally modified in Ultimate Tenkaichi graphics with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Attacks. So let’s know in detail, what’s new in this Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod.


About Characters

SDBH Goku :- In screenshot you are seeing CC Goku Blue, CC Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct, Daishinkan Ultra Instinct and Xeno Goku SSJ. CC Goku have SSJ, God, Blue and MUI forms. Daishinkan Goku have Ultra Instinct and MUI. Xeno Goku have SSJ, SSJ3 and SSJ4. Xeno Goku is not GT Goku, it’s other dimension Goku. You also see in this DBZ TTT MOD DBS Goku Damage with SSJ to MUI. You will also see GT Goku. All Types of Goku Attacks is fully port in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

SDBH Vegeta :- In First and Second screenshot you are seeing CC Vegeta and Xeno Vegeta. CC Vegeta have SSJ, Blue and SSB Evolution forms. Xeno Vegeta have SSJ, SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms. You will also see GT and DBS Vegeta in this Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. All Vegeta have Budokai Tenkaichi 3 attacks. You will also new models.

Future Trunks :- This is new version of future Trunks which was maked by Dragon Ball Heroes Creator. Trunks is back again from future for helping Goku and Vegeta in Heroes Big Bang Mission. Now you will see New Trunks in this DBZ TTT MOD with Super Saiyan God Form. You will also see DB GT and DBS Black Goku Saga Trunks with BT3 Ports attacks.

GM Hero :- So Friends in screenshot you are seeing fourth image this is GM Hero first model in Dbz Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod series. You will also see GM Hero SSJ and SSJ God forms with BT3 attacks.

Dbz Ttt Tournament Of Power Mod Download

Lagss :- You are already seen Lagss Vs Daishinkan Goku in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. So friends now you play with Lagss in this Mod with full BT3 Ports attacks and New aura effects.

Super Fu :- This is Fu new Texture in DBZ TTT MOD series. You will also see Fu base and Super forms with BT3 attacks. Super Fu model is not perfect but Fu base is looking Good.

Zeno Sama :- Zeno Sama is Most power full Character in Dragon Ball Super Series. So this new Texture of Zeno Sama you are seeing in the screenshot. Zeno sama have hakai attack and New MUI aura. Modders try to make Zeno Sama best and this is new updated version of Zeno Sama in this mod.


Hakaishin Bills :- This is not new Bills but attacks is new. Now friends you can use Bills Hakai attack in this mod and this is new update of Bills model.

SDBH Gogeta :- In screenshot you are seeing Gogeta Blue and Xeno Gogeta SSJ4 Kaioken. You will also see Gogeta SSJ and Blue forms. You will also see Xeno Gogeta SSJ, SSJ3, SSJ4 and SSJ4 Kaioken forms. You will also see GT and Dbz Gogeta in this mod. All Types of Gogeta also have BT3 attacks.

SDBH Vegito :- In screenshot you are seeing Xeno Vegito SSJ4. You will also see SDBH CC Vegito. Xeno Vegito have SSJ, SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms. CC Vegito have Blue and Blue Kaioken Forms. You will also see Budokai Tenkaichi 3 attacks of Vegito.

SDBH Hearts :- This is new Texture of Godlear Hearts. You will also see Hearts jacket and Super Hearts in this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. Hearts is also full port in BT3 attacks. You can use Godlear Hearts crystal attack.


This is new of DBZ TTT MOD. My previous post I have brought for you DBZ TTT MOD With HD Menu so friends this is not HD Menu. This normal Menu and it’s just 60 MB only. This is not Permanent fix menu so you need set this Menu in mod.

How To Set DBZ TTT MOD Menu

  1. Download Menu Link is Given Below.
  2. Then Extract them by Use RAR App. You can download App from play store.
  3. After Extract Menu you will see [ ULUS10537 ] Folder then Copy and paste in PSP / Texture Folder.
  4. Then Go PSP emulator system setting and select language America.
  5. After set language then Open game in psp and you will see menu is set.

How To Download and Install TTT MOD

  1. Download PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play Store
  2. Now Download ISO RAR File link is Given below
  3. After that install 7Zipper or Rar app ( anyone ) from play store
  4. Extract the ISO file out
  5. Then open PSP Emulator and select Game ISO file in Game.
  6. Now you will see Game is running in PSP.
  7. If you crash so go to PSP system setting and off fast memory unstable.
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Ultimate Tenkaichi Mark Squad Dragon Ball Competition is Dragon the Ball Z Ultimate tenkaichi Mark Squad war on Xenoverse competition with super saiyan mode. so you can transform to another super saiyan mode like super saiyan 4 or blue mod ultra instrictDragon Magic Ball Z Super Ultimate tenkaichi mark squad 2 Ultrat Instinct War Shin Budokai War competition, this super saiyan mini games competition tap war war gold and war of Xenoverse's 2 From super saiyan power ultra instrinct Blue to a final of chapter mini games. The Ultimate tenkaichi mark squad war 2 with various war universe: son the goku super ultra instinct war saiyan globe, the Xeno verse's 2 fighting dragon competition ball globe super Z Saiyan 4 Blue, vegeta wit kakarot super dragon ultra saiyan instinct in the universe competition of the power ball stay 1 versus 1 son with gohan magic goku super Z war saiyan.The dragon super ball War Z War 1 versus 1 of the super saiyan ultimate tenkaichi mark squad competition games:FEATURES:• 1 versus 1 war : goku super saiyan and dragon magic ball super war to saiyan 4 his mates Fighter Ultimate Ultrat Instinct competition War universe tenkaichi mark teamng of Xeno verse's 2 globe.• All fresh super universes saiyan: fighters will present in the mini game wars and levels jiren and hit and kali kai.• Universe competition of goku war mini games war warriors so a lot of heroes are waiting for you.?• good 3D graphics and High resolution graphics• Excellent mini game control pad like on console mini games for android device PPSP.Goku Fighter super Ultimate Ultrat tenkaichi mark squad Instinct War globe 2 saiyan blue create the ultimate Xeno verse's war saiyan globe fighter very strong to play versus the others universes jiren kalifla, topo and dispo and a lot more in this battles.Dragon magic ball ultimate shin tenkaichi mark squad ball budokai 2 super mini games Z war saiyan Xeno verse's globe fighter to final war goku.Kakarot Fighter on Dragon Magic ball Z Ultimate tenkaichi mark squad Ultrat Instinct War will give you lead in this mini games. and this mini game be the ultimate warrior versus namekian and another super fighter saiyan.the war competition of universes of power with goku Fighter Ultimate Ultrat Instinct tenkaichi mark squad 2 Instant War will start an era of good warriors conquer all the warriors to receive fresh powers and be the best.DISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any method to Goku trademark owner. This application complies with US Copyright law rules of 'fair use'. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the 'fair use' rules, please contact us directly. Our application is an unofficial, this Kakarot Fighter Ultimate Ultrat Instinct War mini game just for fanatics purpose only, it is not authorized or made by the original creator.

Dbz Ttt Fusion Mod

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