1. Dr Fone Transfer Ios

Download and use these photo transfer apps if you need to transfer files between iPhone and iPad, backup from iPhone/Android to PC or want to share your photos on someone else's device. Transfer photo albums and gigabytes of videos from your travels or other interesting adventures to your PC with the best photo transfer app in one click.

Top 8 Photo Transfer Apps

  1. Dr.Fone - Wi-Fi file transfer iOS Android
  2. PhotoSync - Keeps all metadata iOS Android
  3. iCloud Photos - Auto transfer iOS
  4. AirDrop - For instant transfer iOS
  5. Simple Transfer - Transferring files to the hard drive iOS
  6. Dropbox - Offline viewing iOS Android
  7. Photo Transfer - To work with cloud storage iOS Android
  8. Image Transfer - Convenient preview iOS

Use the built-in iCloud on your iPhone or download the photo transfer app to save tens of gigabytes of material on your PC in one tap on the screen. Create a backup and don't worry about losing your memorable and important photos.

1. Dr.Fone – Our Choice

Wi-Fi file transfer

Connect your device to the system. Launch Dr.Fone on your system and choose “Phone Manager” from all functions. Click on the option of “Transfer Device Photos to PC” or “Transfer Device Photos to Mac.” Step 2. A new browser window will open. Just provide the location where you wish to save the backup. Dr.fone - Transfer (iOS) is a powerful program which enables you to transfer iPad photos within a few clicks. The software can transfer photos to iPad, transfer videos, music files and other data between iOS devices, to iTunes and PC. The software allows to manage data as well as take back up and restore iTunes library so that your important. Dr.fone is a toolkit for all mobile issues like recover data, repair system, transfer data, backup and restore files, and so on. If you want to keep your mobile running at 100%, you will need it. Recover lost data: Lost data doesn't mean it’s gone forever.

Besides of transferring photos directly to Camera roll with the help of the dr.fone app, we can still use dr.fone Transfer as an iTunes alternative in order to transfer photos or images to the Photo Library or create new albums to iPhone/iPad/iPod directly on macOS. Dr.fone – the world’s 1st Data Recovery Software for Smartphones and Tablets! ★ Highest recovery rate in the industry. ★ Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more.

  • Wireless photo transfer
  • Recovers lost files
  • Saves messages
  • Not found

Verdict: Dr.Fone allows you to forget about wires and use Wi-Fi to transfer your photos and videos to your PC. Connect your device and laptop to the same Wi-Fi network and follow the web.drfone.me link in your browser. All you have to do is select the necessary photos on your phone.

This WiFi photo transfer app also offers robust encryption and interesting additional features. You can not only transfer files, but also recover lost ones, easily fix various iOS system errors thanks to rollback, manage WhatsApp messages, and backup your entire system and files.

2. PhotoSync

Keeps all metadata
  • Keeps metadata
  • Transfer in full size
  • Unlimited number of files
  • Too limited free version

Verdict: PhotoSync is one of the first apps that transfer pictures from a mobile device to a PC or between them. Although the free version is functionally limited, the premium features will surprise you.

You can transfer and save an unlimited number of photos and videos. The transfer is performed in full resolution with HEIC and RAW support. It is important to note that all metadata (EXIF, GPS) is saved. The application also offers automatic organization of files into folders by recording date, media type and album name on the target device.

3. iCloud Photos

Auto transfer
  • Automatic transfer
  • 5GB of free storage
  • Instant access from any iOS device
  • Transfer is possible only between Apple devices
iCloud Photos

Verdict: iCloud is a built-in cloud application for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac. Although it suffers from many bugs, it stands out from other photo storage options with its automatic photo uploading to the library and intelligent filtering by folder and date. In addition, if you work in one account, you will have access to your photos from any device, be it a computer, phone or iPad, due to the synchronization feature.


You don’t need to upload photos manually, as it is done in an automatic mode (if there is free space in the storage). Although you get 5GB of free storage, this is very little, especially if you are an avid photographer. You can expand your storage up to 10TB by subscribing.

4. AirDrop

For instant transfer
  • Very quick transfer
  • Doesn’t require download
  • Absolutely free
  • Only between iOS devices

Verdict: AirDrop comes preinstalled on your iPhone. This way, you don't need to download a separate app to transfer photos from iPhone to any other iOS device or vice versa. Make sure you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Then open the gallery and select the images you want to transfer. When you tap the Share icon in the lower left corner, you will see all nearby Apple devices in the AirDrop section.

Unlike most third-party apps, AirDrop photo transfer app for iPhone instantly exchanges photos between devices. But the disadvantage of this method is the mandatory presence of the second device (to which the photo is transferred) no more than 3 meters from you.

5. Simple Transfer

Transferring files to the hard drive
  • Work directly with the hard drive
  • Backup of the entire library
  • Instant transfer
  • Converts HEVC video to MP4
Simple Transfer

Verdict: Simple Transfer is a third-party application for transferring photos between iOS devices. Unlike iCloud, Simple Transfer doesn’t sync your photos between devices automatically, you have to add the necessary images manually. However, due to this, you transfer the photo directly to your PC hard drive, and not to the cloud.

You can back up your entire iPhone photo library to your computer or you can only import selected images. You can also use the Simple Transfer app to copy photos from computer to iPhone.

6. Dropbox

Offline viewing
  • Up to 2GB of free storage
  • Offline viewing
  • Built-in decoder
  • Monthly expenses

Verdict: Dropbox is a great option not only for iOS but also for Android devices. This is a cloud service with 2 gigabytes of free storage for your videos and photos. Once you've transferred your images directly to Dropbox, you can view, upload, and even edit them from any device. Plus, you can categorize your favorite photos to view them offline.

A useful feature of this Android file transfer app is the possibility to preview files that aren’t supported by your device. In other words, you don't need to buy a paid video player to play a photo or video you just shot with a professional or budget video camera, as Dropbox has a built-in decoder.

7. Photo Transfer

To work with cloud storage
  • Security at the highest level
  • Possibility to transfer files to cloud storage
  • Cross-platform
  • Automatically degrades quality to JPG
Photo Transfer

Verdict: Photo Transfer app iPhone backs up and syncs photos, videos, documents and other files to the cloud storage or directly between devices wirelessly. It also allows for the automatic conversion of HEIC files to JPEG when transferring from iPhone to any device or cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Photos.

I like to see my photos and videos being transferred directly from device to device over my local Wi-Fi network. They are not stored on an external server and never leave the local Wi-Fi network, so I can be sure that my images are kept safe.

8. Image Transfer

Convenient preview
  • Automatic backups
  • Helpful preview
  • Wireless file transfer
  • Only for iOS devices
Image Transfer

Verdict: Image Transfer allows you to freely transfer photos between iPad, iPhone and PC wirelessly. Connect 2 devices of the same network and synchronize them. Don’t forget to open one of the supported browsers on your PC: Firefox, Google Chrome.

I like that the app automatically backs up my photos. The preview mode for your photos and videos is also very helpful. If you are not sure which of the series of photos to add, just click on the necessary photo from the gallery to open it in full screen.

Dr Fone 2020
  • Rank (4.5/5)
  • Reviews: 112
  • License: Free Trial or $79.95
  • Downloads: 6.8k
  • Version: 9.6.2
  • Compatible: Win, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Dr Fone iOS Screen Recorder: iOS, Win

Dr Fone Benefits:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn UI
  • Previewing files before restoring them
  • Broad feature set
  • Cross-platform
  • Good performance on all modern devices


  • What Dr Fone is used for?

Dr Fone is an app that allows restoring deleted data on your phone, including contacts, texts, pictures, etc. Additionally, it can be useful for managing smartphone files, sending them to other devices, and fixing data errors.

  • Is Dr Fone free?

It’s a paid app, but you can download Dr Fone free version. It lets you try out a limited feature set to determine if it’s worth getting the paid version. Besides, Wondershare has a 1-month refund policy for users, who weren’t satisfied with their purchase.

  • Is it safe to use Dr Fone?

Wondershare assures that all apps that are included in the Dr Fone kit don’t collect or share your personal information– everything is done within the safety of your own device. If that’s not enough to put your mind at ease, you always have the option of disabling the Internet connection during the file restoration process.

  • How much does Dr Fone cost?

You can get one of the 3 plans: Full, iOS, or Android Toolkit, with each of them offering slightly different functionality. The cost for those plans ranges from $79.95 to $139.95.

Another Way to Use Dr Fone Free

Dr Fone free download is available for all devices that run on iOS and Android. Additionally, users can prevent their data from being lost or damaged by mirroring it to a different device.

  • Rank (4/5)
  • Reviews: 133
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 4.2k
  • Version: 2020
  • Compatible: iOS, Windows
  • Dr Fone 2020: Win, MacOS, iOS, Android

iOS Screen Recorder 2020 Benefits:

  • Perfectly clear recording
  • Single click recording feature
  • Adjustable settings
  • Intuitive UI
  • Broad range of projects

This app lets you mirror your iOS device on a computer screen to create a backup copy of your info. This helps prevent data loss that occurs from unexpected damages. The app allows you to record audio, video, games, presentations, etc.

You can use the app if your device is powered by iOS 7.1 to iOS 12 and can mirror content to all PCs that use Windows XP or newer.

The application is very easy to control and requires a single click while providing HD quality and data security.

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Dangers of Using Pirated Versions

Nowadays, the world is filled with users, who constantly get pirated apps from torrent websites. However, before you rush to join their ranks just to get an illegal free Dr Fone copy, you have to learn all the potential risks that such a file can present for your system.

1. Law Violation

The penalty for Internet piracy in the United States is very strict: a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars or up to five years behind bars.

2. Viruses Invasion

When getting apps from unofficial third-party sites, the chances of infecting your system with viruses are very high. Malware and Trojan viruses can irreparably hurt your OS and steal your personal files, so be sure to have antivirus software installed on your device.

3. No Updates

Since cracked apps are unlicensed, you don’t receive any updates. All new features and bug fixes are provided only to users, who have bought the official version. No company is going to give free upgrades to crime-committing users.

4. Lagging

A pirated Dr Fone free version will never function properly for long. Hackers often compress and erase an app’s code while breaking it, which often leads to crashes or some tools not working correctly.

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Dr Fone Free Alternatives

You’re limited in funds but still want to get a free legal app for restoring lost data? Then check out this list of alternatives that serve the same purpose as Dr Fone.

1. ApowerUnlock

  • No passcode needed
  • Can bypass any iPhone passcode
  • User-friendly interface
  • Doesn’t have to be installed
  • For iOS only

This free app was developed specifically for iOS devices to help people unlock their gadgets if they ever forget their passcode. It's capable of bypassing Face ID, Touch ID, and fingerprint detection. The app is quick, well-designed, and reliable.

ApowerUnlock can be also be used for restoring personal files after damaging the smartphone’s display and other accidents.

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2. iBackup Extractor

  • Simple navigation
  • Broad file type support
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Doesn’t need to be installed separately
  • Confusing preview screen

This multifunctional app is perfect for retrieving damaged or removed data including texts, notes, contacts, and images. It’s also useful for checking iTunes backup content and copying individual files.

It’s available on several platforms while not requiring extra files for any of them. Simply connect the device to your computer, scan the system for removed data, preview the results, and retrieve the files you need.

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3. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS

  • Intuitive UI
  • Capable of restoring files from iPhones, iTunes, and iCloud Backup
  • Compatible with many file types
  • Impressive compatibility
  • Scanning takes a long time

This app is a great Dr Fone free alternative as it allows retrieving a long list of data formats: texts, SM messages, call history, videos, images, etc. It’s capable of restoring data that was removed as a result of device breakage, forgotten passcodes, accidental factory resets, iOS updates, viruses, etc.

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Download Dr Fone Free

If you need to restore lost files but want to avoid using illegal apps, you should make use of these Dr Fone free and legal download links.

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