In this article we will learn how to decrease and increase the text towards the cell border you can use “Indent” option in Microsoft Excel 2010. It is a part of “Format Cells”, in “Alignment” tab in “Text Alignment”. There are two types of Indent one is “Increase Indent” and second is “Decrease Indent”.

“Decrease Indent is used to move the content closer to the cell border”


Use the Increase Indent Button Put your text into the document. Click the cell (s) whose entries you want to indent. (Keep in mind that the cursor is not blinking within the selection.).

“Increase Indent is used to move the content further away from the cell border”

To understand Changing the Indentation in Microsoft Excel 2010/2013,let’s take an example and understand:-

Wrap Text by using the shortcut command

  1. Learn the Excel keyboard shortcuts (MAC and PC) to indent or moreve indent from selected text. Includes a full description. Excel Add or Remove Indent Shortcuts - Become a Shortcut Expert.
  2. When you want to indent the content in one, or more cells: Click to highlight one or more cells. In the Home tab in the Alignment section click the Increase indent button (it has an arrow to the right). This indents the content two character spaces.
  3. Download and right click on the file and select 'Run as Administrator'. Memory usage: The Smart Indenter is a COM add-ins. It fully opens all the time. COM add-ins typically use a noticeable amount of Excel memory.

How To Add Indent In Excel Shortcut

I have text in cell A1 to A12, to change the indentation in a cell follow the below mentioned steps:-

Step 1: Select the list of expenses below each division for example: select the cells A2:A6 (a group of expenses for Department 1).

Step 2: Go to “Home” tab in the group of “Alignment” click on the “Increase Indent” icon on the formatting tool bar several times until you reach the desired indentation.


Step 3: To go back the position click on “Decrease Indent” icon on the formatting toolbar several times until you reach the desired indentation.


Step 1: Select the range A2:A7 and Press the key “CTRL + 1”.

Step 2: Format Cells dialog boxwill appear, select the “Alignment” tab and in the Indent box change the number of characters to Indent.

How To Add Indent In Excel Shortcut

Step 3: Select the Right (Indent) in Horizontal.

Step 4: Type 5 in indent.

How To Add Indent In Excel Format

How do you indent in excel

How To Add An Indent In Excel

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