How to get cheese fast in transformice

Transformice is a treasure trove of cheese and bubbles. I have been playing it for 3 years and it still hasn't gotten old. Trolling being an actual part of the game creates mixed feeling. I love transformice anyway. Aug 03, 2012 On transformice you can go to a prophunt and bring along some friends. Then when your sham kill yourself and all the other mice get cheese! Racing is a easy solution too for getting cheese fast.

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Make a private VANILLA room and farm with a few friends.
Edit: Reading some of the advice at the bottom, I just wanted to explain my reasoning on farming.
Getting more saves every Sham turn is nice and all, but that's not always the case.
You might get some 'hard' maps to deal with as a Shaman. Plus, you have to deal with rushers ruining the build or dying cause they though they would make the jump, new players that follow the rushers, and statpadders.
Farming allows you to focus on save farming and cheese farming. Your friends will know that you are farming saves and/or cheese so it makes rounds quicker and more frequent. A few friends should be roughly around 4 - 10. So if you take in account how fast you can become Shaman, the amount of mice in the room. You can get a decent amount of saves faster than you would in bigger rooms (remember that you wait much longer to sham in bigger rooms with 20+ mice.)

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Jan 22nd, 2012
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  1. First you go on transformice ( )
  2. Second you login your account ( you can't get free cheese if you go on a guest account. If u don't have a account go and sign up )
  3. Third you click on the chat bar and type /Facebook and press enter
  4. First you go on your account
  5. Then You click on change password
  6. Then you go on your email
  7. Then paste your code to the thing that you put the code
  8. And use the cheese carefully too

How To Get Cheese Fast In Transformice Hack