1. CertExams.com Juniper™ Network Simulator cum Designer is a Juniper™ router and network simulator that offers best price-performance ratio. You can design, build and configure your own network. The software supports junos router commands with detailed lab manual, enabling the candidate to build, test and preview a large variety of networks!
  2. Hi guy, I am likely a newborn with Juniper, and I need to practice alot if i want to become engineer and get exam. But what my issue i got is i don have juniper for practice for my own. So there is an SRX simulator that can run GNS3 or in VM ware? If it have please share link to me for kindly.
  3. Certexams Network Simulator Activation Key.

At this point, it is assumedthat the product had been downloaded and installed. If the software is not yetinstalled, please refer to installationinstructions.

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Once the product is downloadedand installed, the Integrated Test Environment with the installed exams isdisplayed on your computer.

Click 'Start Exam'button with respect to a specific test on the ITE screen, which further takesyou to the 'Registration form' as shown.

The options available on theregistration form are

1. Use Demo Version : Onclicking this, only the demo version of the software is launched, which is alimited functionality software and the use of all the features in the softwarerequires activating the product for full version.

2. Use Full Version : On clicking this, the full version of the software is launched. Note that thisis available only after activating the product.

3. Purchase Full Version : Onclicking this, the user will be redirected to SimulationExams website whereinthe user can purchase the product.

Product Activation

Please note that the productactivation procedure explained below is applicable for the customers who hadpurchased the product.

Juniper Network Simulator Activation Key

There are two ways to activatethe software

1. AutomaticActivation
2. Manual Activation

1. Automatic Activation

Juniper network simulator activation key office 2016

Click the button 'Request Activation Key Online' for automatic activation of full version of the software.

Juniper Network Simulator Activation Key

On clicking the button, it leads to next window called Activation Key Request as shown below


In this form after entering the valid Product ID, Order Reference Number and E-mail-id, the user has three options:
1.Request For Online Activation: This option can be used to send 'Activation Key Request' to server with valid order reference number and e-mail. This requires active Internet connection.

A confirmation info will be displayed on the screen that the activation was successful as shown.

Now click 'Activate Full Version' to launch the full version of the software.

2. Print to file option: This option is used for manual activation and would be described in later section (Manual Activation).

3. Activate Full Version: This option can be used to launch the full version only after successful request for Activation Key is sent to server using ‘Request For Online Activation’ option. This requires active Internet connection.

Juniper Network Simulator Activation Key Camtasia

Note that the activation key will also be sent to user’s registered email-id as an alternative to the candidate if there is problem with automatic activation.

2. Manual Activation

If there is no internet connection, the following dialog is displayed when the button 'Request Activation Key' is clicked on the 'Registration Form'

Click 'Yes' to continue with the manual activation

Fill up the order details on the 'Manual Activation' form as shown below and then click the button 'Print to File'

The following dialog appears on clicking 'Print To File' button

On clicking 'Yes' the ProductCode.txt file is displayed as below

Juniper Router Simulators

The information in the .txt file can be copied and sent via e-mail to product support email-id specified in the text file. The 'Activation Key' will then be sent to user’s registered email-id within 48 hours.

Juniper Network Simulator Activation Key Euro Truck Simulator 2

User can then manually enter the key in the text boxes provided and activate the full version of the software on 'Registration Form' as shown below.

Juniper Switch Simulator

Juniper Network Simulator Software

On clicking 'Ok' in the 'Launch full version' dialog box, the full version of the software is launched.