Feel the fun and freedom of flight.
Tractor-style autogyros have one of the highest safety records, withimpressive short take off and landing capabilities.
Would landing in less than a hundred feet interest you
Two-place autogyros offered as partial-build or air-worthy with lessonsavailable.

Fuselage Only
Little Wing Weldments List

  1. Entire basic fuselage
  2. Torque tube mount plates
  3. Control cable mounts
  4. Rudder pedal mounts
  5. Rudder pedals
  6. Horizontal stab.
  7. Rudder
  8. Rudder cable guides inside fuse
  9. Rudder mounts on fuse
  10. Right side door w/latch
  11. Door closure mounts
  12. Throttle mount plates
  13. Panel mount points
  14. Front and rear seat frames
  15. Landing gear
  16. Gear suspension mount tabs
  17. Tail wheel spring attach points for tail wheelspring supplied by customer

NEW STRETCHVERSION (6 longer 2 wider)
Completed LW4S airworthy includes:
100hp engine, brakes,pre-rotator, full electrics, rotor blades, rotor tach, rotor brake,volt meter, hour meter, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure,altimeter, airspeed, and compass.
Options at extra charge: auxfuel tank, other engines, nav lights, radio, intercom, navigationequipment.
Main Rotor: 28 ft
Length of Airframe without Rotor installed: 18.5 ft
Wheel Base: 13.5 ft
Landing Gear: Conventional with tail wheel
Cabin Width: 28'
Baggage: Small shelf behind rear seat 10 lbs. max.
Control Method: Rudder, fully-tilting head

Empty Weight: 579 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1200 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 16 US gal.
Cruise Speed: 65-85 mph
Minimum Speed: 15-20 mph
Landing Speed: 10-15 mph

Takeoff distance: 100-750 ft.,depending on type of pre-rotator and wind.
Landing Roll: 0-25 ft.
Seating: Tandem, with dual controls.
Construction: Welded SAE 4130N steel tubing, aircraft grade hardware,covering, and paint.

Order Requirements:*
Airframe only: $17,999** paid in full at time of order.
Complete air-worthy aircraft:

1) $79,999** paid in full at time of order.
2) 50% with order, with balance due beforecompletion.

*If order is cancelled at any time, any remittancewill be forfeited.

**All prices are subject to change wihout notice.

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The Little Wing LW-5 autogyro was dubbed Woodstock after the bird in the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles Schulz. Woodstock is a one-of-a-kind model customized for Andy to fly. The plane has a tandem seat arrangement made for either a passenger or a ferry tank in the front and is a little shorter and narrower than Herron’s other Little. Little Wing Autogyros, Inc. Is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Mayflower, Arkansas and founded by Ron Herron. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of autogyros in the form of plans and kits for amateur construction including for the US FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles rules. The swishing overhead is a little disconcerting at first then the RPM reaches around 220 smoothing things out, the pre-rotator disengages and take off roll begins. Typically lift-off is around 30-50kts depending on your autogyro and some forward stick is required to accelerate and prevent a high angle of attack situation developing. Plans Plans for the Rotax 582-powered KB-3: $125. Call 714-898-4366 or see LITTLE WING AUTOGYROS: Little Wing LW-2, LW-3 And Little Wing 2-Place Echoes of the old Cierva style are evident in the classic-style Little Wings, modernized and sufficiently compact for transportability.