1. M4 Torx Screw Round head Bolts Plum Screws Six-Lobe Anti-theft Bolt.
  2. 20382 M4.2-1.41 X 25mm Torx Pan Head SEMS Tapping Screw 12mm Outside Diameter, Quantity - 50 Auveco Quantity: 50 Drive size: T12 Finish: Black Zinc Head style: Torx Pan, Sems Length: 25MM Point type: A/AB Thread: M4.2-1.41 Washer diameter: 12MM C.
  3. JINLI-CASE Screws Bolt 20Pcs Set Screws M46-30mm Slotted Pan Head Screws 304 Stainless Steel Slotted Screws Machine Screw (Color: 20mm (20pcs a lot), Size: M4) $12.86 $ 12. 86 $9.49 shipping.
  4. M4-0.70 Metric Stainless Steel Star Drive Pan Head Machine Screws Diameter - Thread Pitch: M4-0.70 Used for its unconventional and efficient drive style A machine screw is commonly identified by its.

M4-0.7 x 50mm Hexalobular (6 Lobe, TORX) Socket Head Cap Screws with Low Head, Fully Threaded (Quantity: 150) Diameter: 4, Length: 50, Material: Steel 8.8, Surface: Zinc Plated Blue.

Stainless Passivation Process Introduction

The stainless steel passivation liquid adopts the latest catalytic technology, so the passivation speed of the improved product is faster and the corrosion resistance is stronger than before. Through the passivation of this product, a dense passivation film can be formed at 5-15min, while maintaining the original gloss of the work piece without damage to the work piece size, and the performance of the neutral salt fog can be increased by 10-30 times.


1.Operate under normal temperature, short passivation time: save energy effectively and improve efficacy;

2.No contain heavy metals: environment friendly;

3.Good stability: normal service life can reach more than one year;

4.Good salt fog performance: above 1500H.

M4 torx head screws bolts

Consumption Estimate

For cleaning of general stainless steel welding line and argon arc welding line, it needs about 0.5kg every one hundred meters;

M4 Torx Head Screws Fasteners

For cleaning of arc welding line, it needs about 1kg every one hundred meters;

For cleanup thick oxide on heat press end socket or heat treatment part, it needs about 1kg every two sq.m...

Technological Process

Degreasing --- Rinsing water --- Pickling --- Rinsing water --- Passivation --- Rinsing with running water--- Neutralizing --- Rinsing --- Cleaning with pure water --- Drying

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M4 Torx Head Screws Bolts

1.For cleaning of welding line oxide, first clean welding residue welding line and oily soil, then paint grease on the pretreated surface with the coating thickness is 1~2mm and resort about 1~2hours is needed, at last clean residues on the cleaning surface with cotton waste or rug (water washing is better) until bright and clean.

2.Excellent ventilation on the site during operation, the operator should wear rubber gloves & shoes and respirator. If closed environment during operation is existed, it must use ventilation system with two operators work together.

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