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Free Essays on Analysis Of Thepoem The Sea By Natividad Marquez. Get help with your writing. Sister Natividad Marquez, who sometimes wrote as Ana Maria Chavez, has two- and-a-half pages of entries. Jose Garcia Villa, predictably, has one of the longest lists - about sixty-one pages, while his contemporary, Manuel Arguilla, has one entry: 'True Love,' in. The author is Natividad Marquez. Question: how would you paraphrase each line of poem of the sea by Natividad Marquez. The first known Filipino poem in English is 'Sursum Corda,' by Justo Juliano. It appeared in the Philippines Free Press in 1907. This poem, along with others of that period, has been criticized as being too artificial and overwritten in order to achieve intensity. The early poems often borrowed images and similes from English or American.

  • 20 Jul, 2012

By Natividad Marquez

Why does the sea laugh, Mother,
As it glints beneath the sun?
It is thinking of the joys, my child,
That it wishes every one.
Why does the sea sob so, Mother,
As it breaks on the rocky shore?
It recalls the sorrows of the world.
And weeps forevermore.
Why is the sea so peaceful, Mother,
As if it were fast asleep?
It would give our tired hearts, dearest child,
The comfort of the deep.

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wonderful pic Kat and a lovely poem too.

lovely Kat - the sea is a wonderful thing

It is. Unfortunately I see it just every other year and just for few days.

same here Kat :(

:))) Noooo. You can see it more often.

afraid one week per year for real - sad because I love it :)

So this photo is for you! Lol.

lol with many thanks ;))

Lovely photo and rhyme.

Thank you.

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