For-pay on-demand streaming media and video service. Download short videos and pictures from Nickelodeon to your desktop. Watch live TV channels from around the world for free. FirstRow Sport App 7.8. A streaming video program for Windows XP. Open the Netflix app and select Menu. Scroll down and select Available for Download. You can also tap on any TV show or movie and look for the Downloads icon on the description page to see whether it can be downloaded.

Watch your favorite movies and television shows on Netflix.

The app is similar to what you would watch on the computer, but keep in mind that the screen is smaller, so the picture quality isn't as great. However, you have access to the same movies and shows that you would find if you were using Netflix on a larger device.

After entering your account information, you can browse by genre or the type of program you want to watch. There is everything from kids movies and shows to classics and new releases. While you're browsing, you'll find that there are some very good movies that are on Netflix that you might not be able to find on television or even on a DVD. There are original series and a few special documentaries that are interesting. You can make a list of the shows you want to watch so that you can go back any time and start from the beginning. Netflix also allows you to order a DVD that is sent to your home if you don't want to watch anything on your phone.


  • Watch a variety of genres
  • Save favorite films and shows
  • Order DVDs


  • Picture isn't as good as on a computer or TV
  • Only order one DVD at a time

123 Netflix app a great entertainment application available for Android devices. This application will give you a complete access to watch all latest movies, TV shows, and TV series for free. You just need to download and install 123 Netflix APK on your Android devices to enjoy all movies and TV shows for free.

The sad news is that this app is not available in the Google Play Store. You need to fetch it from the outside sources. For many security reasons (like prevent you from malware & adware) we are providing a well tested official download link. We have tested it thoroughly on Android 7.0. It is working smoothly without rising any technical issue.

Download 123 Netflix APK for Android:

Netflix 123 free movies download

The download link is given below. You just need a single tap to download it completely for free. Be sure to mention in comments if you have any issue with the download link.

Though installing APK is a much simple task, many of people don’t know how to install it properly so that you won’t end up with any error. Be sure to follow the instructions given below in order to install this app without any issue.

Install 123 Netflix APK for Android Mobiles/Tablets:

To install this application, you need to have Android device running on Android 4.0 or above. All the Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Red-mi, Sony, and many other devices supporting this application. Simply follow the easy to follow steps given below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Security.
  • Check weather unknown sources option is ON or Not (You need to scroll down in order to find this option.). Turn it ON if it was not already ON.
  • Now open file explorer on your Android device.
  • Search for 123 Netflix.APK file. After finding it, Tap on it.
  • The installation wizard will automatically open. Simply tap on Install option which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

123 Netflix Movies

  • You will get the confirmation message as soon as the installation finished.
  • Now you find 123 Netflix app along with the other applications on your device menu.
  • Simply tap on the app to open it. You will sure be surprised as all latest TV shows and movies are available on this app for free.

Netflix 123 Free Movies Download

Let’s check out the features of this app one by one so that you can get maximum of out of this application.

Netflix 123 Watch Online Movie

123 Netflix App Features:

123 Netflix Free Movies Online

  • All movies & TV shows are available in HD quality. Of course, there is also feature to adjust the quality of every single video so that it will fit your device.
  • Movies and TV shows are sorted according to different genres.
  • There is also a facility to sort all content according to the county that it belongs to.
  • You can also find the movies by the year that it was released.
  • Gradually, Anime and Cartoon series are also adding to the library which is really an awesome feature.
  • TV show and TV series are organised under different section so that you watch all episodes of any series without any interruption.

You can also try out Movie Go Android app to watch all latest movies for free on your Android mobiles and Tablets for free.

Final words:

Hope, You all liked 123 Netflix app for Android. If you have any trouble with this app, feel free to comment below. We will definitely get back to you with a proper solution. Don’t forget to share this app with your friends and family members.