The Nokia Asha 202 Internet Settings is much the same as other Series 40 mobile phones brought out by Nokia. Once done you will need to check the APN settings on the top of the website for the country which you are in as well as the ISP or mobile phone service provider.

The Nokia Asha 202 Internet Settings is much the same as other Series 40 mobile phones brought out by Nokia. Once done you will need to check the APN settings on the top of the website for the country. Phone Name: Nokia 202 Product Type: RM-834 Firmware Version: 20.52 Variant ID: Varian Name: Rm-834 nokia202 cv india swu260515 dark Grey v3 Product Code: 059P4J7 File Name. Nokia 202 (RM-834) 20.52 Nokia 203 (RM-832) 20.52 Nokia 203 (RM-833) RM-833 Nokia 206 (RM-873) 3.58 Nokia 206 (RM-872) 3.59 Nokia 2690 (RM-635) 10.65 Nokia 2700 (RM. If you have a Nokia Mobile phone and you want to connect it to your PC by using a Nokia Connectivity Cable but not using Nokia PC Suite, as well as to charge it by using a Nokia charging Connectivity cable, you will need the drivers to make it work. This driver is compatible with the following Nokia data cables: Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2. Nokia Asha 202 (RM-83420.52) latest Firmware flash files Free direct download only 3 files mcu,ppm,cnt just click on file for direct download. Latest Version 20.52 Download Posted.

Nokia Asha Full Touch version:

Settings>configuration>personal settings

Options>add new>web.

You will now have to give this connection a name. This is helpful if you change SIM cards or are also looking at adding a wireless connection later. Once you have completed this step you will need to press back. Then make a new selection.

Options>add new>access point.

Note that the phone will opt for the default name however you have the ability to change this. Once this step is done you need to click on the following:

Access point>bearer settings>mob. data acc.point.


This is where you will need to put in the APN settings of your provider. If you do not have this then look at the top of the website for some of the most commonly used APN’s around in Asia and New Zealand. Once done you will need to do the following:

Settings>configuration>turn on configuration>(SIM1/SIM2)>web

You will now need to select the settings which you created at the beginning of this post. Press back and open access point. Select the access point you created above. You will also need to add the access point to the following configuration:

Settings>connectivity>mobile data>access point>edit active access point>mob. data acc.point.

If you have a WiFi connection as well or are going to setup one then you need to add in the option for changing the connection to WiFi. Change the following setting to make use of the WiFi instead of the mobile service provider as it will save costs:

Settings>connectivity>net connection to Ask first

That should keep your data charges lower as it is cheaper to use WiFi then to use the mobile phone service all the time for data.

Nokia Series 40 mobile phones which use these settings:

Nokia 202 Rm-834 Flash File Download

  • Nokia 515
  • Nokia Asha 201
  • Nokia Asha 210
  • Nokia Asha 302
  • Nokia Asha 305
  • Nokia Asha 308
  • Nokia Asha 310
  • Nokia Asha 311
  • Nokia Asha 303

Note the next step if you phone did not fall into the first description. The following process is not for the full touch phones but for the Nokia Series 40 Touch Type phones.

Nokia Asha Touch Type version:

The procedures are more or less the same as the one which has been added above.

Settings>configuration>personal settings

Options>add new>web.

Nokia 202 Rm-834 Firmware

Much like the description above you will now need to give the connection a name. Once you have given it a name you need to press back and then:

Add new access point.

There is a default name but it is best if you changed this to something you can remember. Once you have done this you need to select:

Access point settings>bearer settings>packet data access pt.


These are the APN settings for the provider. We have listed some of the APN setting at the top of this websites header which are the most commonly used APN settings. Once you have entered this you will need to click on:

Settings>configuration>default config.settings

Then you must select personal config. and set that as the default. Once done you will need to select your access point which you created just now 2 steps above. You do this by clicking:

Settings>configuration>preferred access point

Once this has been done you will need to add the access point name by:

Settings>connectivity>packet data>packet data settings>edit active access point>packet data accesspt.

If you wish to add WiFi support then you will need to ensure that you add an option to save costs by using WiFi as a choice. This is done by the following method:

Settings>connectivity>WLAN>Internet connection to Ask first

Incoming search terms:

Nokia Asha 202 RM-834 flash file/firmware free download.

The latest original firmware/Software of Nokia Asha 202has bee released recently and it is free for all of you.
The download link is available so you can download it freely or without any cost. The firmware file is used to provide update or flash the mobile phones. If your mobile phone works slowly or shows notification message called ” Your Phone is Out of Date or Need Software Update” then you will need the firmware file or flash file to solve these problems. You can repair your phone’s corrupted or damaged firmware by your mobile phone.
If you flash your mobile phone with its own firmware, your mobile phone will restore its original settings in.
So flash your mobile phone as soon as possible if you notice any type of firmware problems.

Some of the Nokia Asha 202 Classic firmware problems are given below.

01. The mobile phone works or performs slowly.
02. The mobile phone can be hanged.
03. You can lose some options of your mobile phone.
05. You can notice option but it will not work.
06. Some options show like hide & seek.
07. Your mobile phone can be restart again and again.

Nokia 202 Rm

This Firmware Version Here- ↓


Nokia 202 rm-834 v20.52

Several reasons for firmware problem or charging ways problem.

01. If you disassemble your battery without switching your phone off, it can happen firmware problem.
02. If you launch multiple options at the same time, it can corrupt flash or firmware file.
03. If you use backdated firmware without updating the latest firmware, you can face this problem.
04. Firmware can happen when you use your phone after showing the low battery.

The solution of firmware problems or flashing guide.

If you want to flash your mobile phone, you have to follow the instructions step by step that is given below.

Nokia 2020 Review

Nokia 202 Rm

01. Download the firmware or flash file of your mobile phone.
02. Keep it in a specific folder of a safe computer drive.
03. Never download firmware or flash file on the Desktop (C Drive).
04. Install the latest version setup of your flashing tool or flashing box device.
05. Install USB driver for your mobile phone.
05. Check your flashing tool activities before connect your mobile phone.
06. Keep backup or backup data of your mobile phone if u can.
07. Connect your phone and flash it completely.
08. Don’t disconnect your phone until complete flash.

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Nokia 202 Rm

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