Overlord II is an action role-playing game, sequel to the 2007 video game Overlord, developed by Triumph Studios and published by Codemasters for Linux, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.All versions were released in North America on 23 June 2009, in Europe on 26 June and Australia on 9 July 2009, alongside two spin-offs; Overlord: Dark Legend and Overlord: Minions for the Wii. Now it's time to find blue minions so we can go further. From your tower go to Heaven's Peak. Walk up a while, past the peasants (#1) and toward the camp. You'll see one of the refugees turning into a zombie. Head to the back of the camp and to the rusty cemetery gate (#2). Enter and kill the zombies there. Disclaimer; I don't own anything of the Naruto world nor the Overlord series. But sooner or later I will find the overlord gauntlet and become the new overlord. Chapter four; Quest for the Blue Hive. Naruto stretched as he got up the next morning. 'Master,' Gnarl said through the tower heart. Use the wheel to move the crane and the switch to open/close the claw on a minion. When you grab a minion with the crane, try to drop the minion to the lower area your minions have access to.

Ninja Overlord

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Disclaimer; I don't own anything of the Naruto world nor the Overlord series. But sooner or later I will find the overlord gauntlet and become the new overlord.

Chapter four; Quest for the Blue Hive

Naruto stretched as he got up the next morning. 'Master,' Gnarl said through the tower heart. 'I have been doing research about something yesterday and I think it might be important.'

Naruto raised a brow before he asked, 'Okay what is it?'

'It was what that one hunter nin said that got me thinking. She said her clan specialist in snake jutsu. But from what I know is that the Land of Water and the Hidden Mist village it killing off clans and bloodlines. That is causing a civil war and I know that they are still fighting it. There is no way someone that is a hunter nin would be part of a clan and not get killed.'

'So what are you saying then? That the whole thing was staged. But she coughing like she was sick or poisoned and she was bitten by that snake as well.' Naruto said, hoping that he was wrong.

'I do not fully understand it but we can not drop our guard.' Gnarl said 'We have to train in case she does come back, and I mean faking her death not come back as an undead zombie.'

Naruto rolled his eyes but went to his team and team ten to talk to his sensei. When he got down Kakashi addressed them, 'I have been talking to Asuma and we believe that Tia might still be alive.'


'Well, that confirms the hunter's a fake.' Naruto said as everyone looked at him.

Kakashi and Asuma looked at him with confusion, 'And how did you know?' Naruto got a little nervous at that, but he decided to say what was true, 'A friend of mine told me that the Land of Water is in the middle of a civil war between clans with bloodlines and those that didn't have them. A bloodline user wouldn't be a hunter ninja if the village's killing off anyone with them.'

'I think he's got us there, but I would like to meet this 'friend' of yours.' Asuma chuckled as he could venture a guess or two of whom.

Even Kakashi could guess that it was that weird creature that would sometimes show up to talk with Kushina somthimes, 'That Gnarl thing sends shivers up my spine, but Kushina didn't mind him. If that's his 'friend' then it's most likely reliable intel.'

'How troublesome, looks like we have more work on our hands.' Shikamaru grumbled, but he started trying to find out strategies to counter the snake user. Problem was he didn't have enough information at hand. Choji munched on his chips a little harder then normal, as he was nervous.

'Well, I wanted to prove to daddy that I can be on my own, but I didn't expect this. Why couldn't have been as simple as a bandit hideout?! Then I could be having hot sex with Naruto and see if we can make a sexy young future Overlord.' Ino thought as she put a hand to her head and clinched her sinuses.

The first thing Tia notice when she woke up was the pain. She started to cough again and she felt more blood on her hand. Just then the three hunter nins entered through another door. They had the cloaks still on but the masks were off. Deer had short dark brown hair that was barely pass her ears, fair skin and mismatch eyes. Snake had pale skin and smooth black hair that went down to the small of her back. Tiger had shaggy brown hair the reach neck and a tan skin, though not as deep as Tia. 'Master you should be resting,' deer said, 'Suki's medicine helped you out but you need to rest before you can go for another attempt at the bridge builders life.'

'Then we find Tsunade.' Suki said.

Tia groaned, 'We might not even find her, nor do we know that she will help me.'

'That's what the money is for.' Tiger started, 'she is known for her debts. With that kind of money we offer her she will pay some of those debts.'

'Or make them bigger,' Deer said, 'She is also known for her gambling.'

'Shut up Azuki!' Tiger shouted.

Azuki glared back at her 'Make me Msunami!'

Suki sighed as they went at it again before she looked at her master. 'I will make more medicine but rest is really needed the most.'

Tia nodded thinking about their goal to get her lungs cured and to be able to fight again at full strength.

Naruto and the others were waiting in a forested area wondering what kind of training Kakashi and Asuma had for them.

'Okay now everyone. Today we will be learning how to climb trees without using your hands.'

Naruto raised an eyebrow, 'We can do that?'

Kakashi nodded, 'Yes by applying charka to your feet you can stick to almost any solid surface. You are to gather charka to the sole of your feet, which is the longest path for charka to travel and use it to stick to the trees.'

Asuma threw a kunai to each of the genin. 'Use these to mark your progress as you will need more then one try to reach the top. A bit of advice; you need the right amount of charka to stick to the tree. Too much and you will blow destroy the bark and make you drop. Too little and you will not even get up the tree.' They genin got a kunai and started to gather charka. 'Oh and try a running start for the first few tries.'

The genin ran at the trees. Naruto got two steps before a bunch of bark shattered under him and he was blasted off. Sasuke got a little higher before she too was blasted off. She marked her spot before she dropped. She got up and watched how the others did. Sakura got to the top in one go while Ino fell a few feet behind her. Shikamaru went a couple of feet before he slips while Choji did less then him. 'Looks like sensei were right but Sakura has the best control follow shortly by Ino. Naruto has the most and looks like he needs the most work.'

They continued training in the exercise, but Sakura and Ino took a minor break as they needed some rest. Sasuke kept going until she started to fatigue as well. Naruto was the only one that still had some energy and worked hard until he literally collapsed from exhaustion from using his chakra. Sasuke was one of the first to get close to him and laid his head in her lap, this act surprised Shikamaru and Choji as Sasuke showed no interest in most of the boys in the academy.

'He's just tired. He worked himself so hard that he exhausted himself. I'll just rest here with him for a bit.' Sasuke said as she noticed the others. Shikamaru and Choji nodded, but they felt there was something more to it. Kakashi also nodded as he said, 'I guess we can rest, but we should continue with this exercise. So far, Sakura has the best control with Ino coming behind her, but Naruto and Sasuke have the most chakra. Those two will need the most work out of all of us.'

'I agree with you Kakashi, and Sakura and Ino should use this exercise to build their reserves.' The girls nodded as this made a lot of sense.

A half an hour later Naruto woke up and blushed seeing that he had his head in Sasuke's lap. While he knew that Sasuke was to be one of his new mistresses he still was getting use to the idea. He got up and the genin got back to training. Sakura and Ino trained to stay on the tree longer. Each of the boys, and Sasuke got higher and higher each attempt at the tree walking.

They stopped when the sun went down and they head back to Tazuna's house. His daughter, Tsunami had a big meal waiting for them. One bite and Naruto was in heaven. 'Hey Gnarl, we need a cook for the Tower right?'

'That's right master, having someone to cook for you and your mistresses.' Gnarl said. 'Even the minions can get a nice meal once in a while. Think she needs some 'persuasion' to have her work for you.'

'I will talk to her first and see if we can work something out. I can't just take someone from their family.'

'Of course you can, you can do anything.' Gnarl replied. 'Though we do not have many forces to let you take what you want just yet.'

Naruto rolled his eyes but made a note to talk to Tsunami later.

Sasuke notice Naruto's action and figured he was talking to Gnarl. She had an idea of what they were talking about as she ate her meal and eyed Tsunami. She had to admit she was a damn good cook and not a bad body for someone who had a kid. She figured if she worked for Naruto she might be able to convince her to give herself to him a few times. She might even join in.

'Looks like Naruto might add an older mistress, but it's always the bloodline to inherit the title of Overlorld. Still, he's got good taste with this meal, and someone that can cook could be a good thing for the tower'Sakura thought as she also enjoyed the meal. They also hoped to find the other minion tribes as well, but for now they had a mission.

'If I complete this mission then daddy will let me move out and I can finally be a mistress to master Naruto. I can't wait for Naruto to stick his rod into me.'Was Ino's thoughts as she thought of the positions and how he'd gently call her his slutty bitch while drenching her in his seed.

'This was a good meal Tsunami-san. Thanks for it.' Naruto said as Tsunami smiled; 'Thank you Naruto-san. I couldn't do as much since we're not as well off as we'd like, but I'll do my best with what I can.' It was then that Naruto's heard Gnarl's voice, 'Master, perhaps you can begin your conquest here. An island country with excellent trade will provide much gold and natural resources for your future conquests. You could even order a smelter to make better weapons or improve your armor. I also should ask you to return from time to time, especially after you find the blue minion hive.' Naruto wondered what Gnarl had in mind, but for now he concentrated on the mission.

He had the smooth slicer in hand after the meal and practiced swordsmanship outside. He was about to go through another practice slice when he was stopped. Sasuke held a sword in her hand with a practiced hand and was ready for a fight, 'Would you mind if I cut in on your practice?'

Naruto smirked and held up his sword, 'Not at all.'

The two waited for a few second before they charged at each other. Their bladed met before they jumped back and went at each other again. Sparks flew as the sword hit each other, their owners trying to get the upper hand. Sasuke gritted her teeth as she blocked another attack. 'Naruto is getting better and faster everyday. Soon he will be a powerful overlord.' She thought of maybe letting his sword cut her cut and show some more skin or even flash him to get him distracted for the win but shook her head, 'If I am going to win then it will be because of my skills.' But she smirked mentally. 'Though having some hot blooded sex after a tough spar with the blood flowing might not be a bad idea. I got to try that at the tower.'

Naruto kept up the attack and kept Sasuke on the defensive. He knew she was fast even though his sword is faster he did not want to try and out match Sasuke in the terms of speed. He saw his chance when he pushed her blade to her lower left side. He used his free hand to grab her wrist and delivered a hard head butt to Sasuke. Sasuke fell down and held her head. Naruto held his sword to her neck. Sasuke smirked, 'You win this time but…' she moved fast and Naruto found himself on his back with Sasuke saddling his waist. 'I always get what I want. I just have to wait till it is safe and we can really rock the tower.'

Naruto blush but smiled at her. 'So when are you going to try for Tsunami. She would make a fine mistress.'

Naruto blushed and looked away, 'Is every girl we met going to be a candidate for a mistress. Don't you girls want me for your selves?'

Sasuke smirked, 'We will but you are more important. And besides you can never have too many mistresses.'

Naruto groaned before saying, 'I figure she could be a cook but I doubt she would even consider being a mistress.'

Sasuke never lost that smile of hers. She knew that even a few female servants could get to sleep with the overlord if he wishes it. She would have to talk to the other girls but she was sure they would come up with something to get Naruto to give in and take her.

She got off of him and helped Naruto up. The trip back to the house was quite with Naruto blushing thinking of his mistresses and even Tsunami. Sasuke was thinking of way to get Tsunami to join in or have her nice for Naruto.

The next morning Naruto went down early to talk to Tsunami. It turns out that she knows of the legends of the Overlord. 'I heard those stories when I was a little girl. I always figure I never get the chance to met one.'

Naruto smiled, maybe this could be easier then he thought. 'Well I just love your cooking and was wondering if you would like a job as the chef in the dark tower.'

Tsunami was surprise, 'I…ah…really? I never thought I would be that good.'

Overlord 2 Blue Hive

'You are one of the best. The only other one I know is the family that runs the Ramen shop back home. I figure if more then one could be needed and this way you don't have to stay long from your family. The girls and I would not take much of your time and I am sure we can make a warp gate so you can get their and back in seconds.'

Tsunami thought about it and figured she would never get a chance like this. At least she would not be working alone and it would not like she would be far from her family for long. 'Alright Naruto I will come cook at your tower after we free my home.' She then thought of something, 'I heard that the overlord controls these imp like minions with different colors and powers. I know there is a nest of such creatures on this island not far from the bridge.'

Naruto was shock at this, 'Oh those must be the blue minion master.' Gnarl said. 'We must find them they are an important part of your army.'

'Really what do they do?'

'They are your medics, they can revive minion that have just die recently in battle. It keeps your forces strong and fight longer. They have other abilities such as magic immune and are one of the only ones that can swim.'

'Well that's great, but how came the other minions can't swim?'Naruto asked as it was confusing as how many different minions there were, but only one could actually swim.

'They are natural swimmers, and most minions are better at smashing or other things. Reds are aligned with the element of fire and can't swim. There's an orange minion hive somewhere, and they'd kill themselves with their own electrical powers as soon as the tiniest touch of their pinkies hit the water. Greens don't care much for hygiene, but they can be excellent assassins and will eat up toxins. Most browns are just too stupid to even make it past lesson one. Blue Minions are also natural swimmers because they are aligned with the element of water, and water is the element that can take or give life. The only Blue Minion in the tower at the moment is Mortis, and he'll revive your fallen minions.'Gnarl explained, and it did make since. Different minions would have different powers, but those powers would come with weaknesses.

'Thanks for telling me Tsunami. It might be the Blue Minion hive, and the Dark Tower is missing a lot of its original stuff. I only found out about being the Overlord when I found the gauntlet, and if I wasn't I wouldn't have my left hand. I'll tell my team about and see if we can get it.' Naruto and Tsunami smiled at each other a bit before he left to tell Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura and Sasuke were surprise at the news. 'The blue minion hive?' asked Sakura shocked.

Sasuke thought about it, 'It makes sense as they love water and at least they are not in the land of mist.'

Sakura nodded before she grinned, 'Oh Ino is going to be pissed. Both of us will have our favorite Hive and she does not have hers.'

At Naruto's raised eyebrow Sakura explained, we all grew up on the stories our grandfather did and his minions. We each had a favorite. Sasuke was the red one because of their fire power and mine was the blues because of their healing. Ino loved the purple minions which can take over weak minded enemies and make them attack their allies. She is gonna be made that she was the last one to get her minions hive.'

Naruto shrugged at that and they went to the bridge. They looked around and saw something move through the water and to another part of the island. The land alone the edge of the water till they entered a small bay. The blue minion walked out of the water and Naruto notice that it had fish like fins for ears and webbed hands and feet. It ran into a cave. They group followed them into the moist cave. Water dripped from the roof and there were puddles every few feet.

They notice one blue minion jumping on a cliff of to the said when they saw them. But it was too excited and it fell of to the rocky floor. They winched as it died on the ground. Luckily another blue was nearby and it revived it fellow minion. 'As I said Blues and not very strong in fact they are the weakest minions. But they can revive fallen minion that died recently. It keeps your numbers up and strong in battle.'

'Thanks for the advice Gnarl'Naruto thought as he made sure the gauntlet was on his hand with the Smooth Slicer sword on his back. He wasn't in his armor as he didn't think he'd have any need of it. Sakura and Sasuke followed as he ventured into the cave, but as he got deeper in, it started to get darker, 'I can barely see where I'm going.'

'Minions are more attuned to dark places then humans. The reds could give use some light, and the browns can cover us in case of an attack.' Sasuke suggested.


Naruto nodded and summoned ten browns and five reds. The reds did as they were told and provided fire to light the way. It was then that they heard Gnarl say, 'I believe that when you do get back to the tower you should begin to learn some magic. There are several spells that are easy to use, and quite useful, and you wouldn't have to worry about anyone with a Sharingan, like Mistress Sasuke, copying it as magic is of a slightly different principle to master. I would recommend the Fireball or Evil Presence spells myself.'

Naruto thought about it and figured it was a good idea. While he figure he did not have to worry about Sasuke or Kakashi's Sharingan and only Sasuke brother's Sharingan but he like the idea of a trump card that can not be copied or learned easily. The sound of the blue minion screaming was heard. They run ahead and found a room with the roof open and sunlight poured in. the blues were on a large high rock with something swimming in the water. One blue walked closer but a large long fish with spiky scales and a narrow mouth filled with teeth.

The blue jumped back and avoided getting eaten. 'We have to help them,' Sakura said. Naruto place the red and a guard marker on a small up rise and they started to throw fire balls. Naruto then sent several shadow cloned into the water, he felt a few get bitten and a few jumped out of the water. Sakura threw several kunai and get three of them in the hearts. Sasuke went through several hand signs before she blew a fire ball into the water. Steam rose and after she stopped a few fish came belly up.

Naruto sent in another shadow clone and found that the rest of the fish had swam away from the rapid change in water temperature as their fellow fish died in shock. The blue minion cheered and swam across. They ran ahead and Naruto called back the minions. 'I guess they want use to follow them to the hive.' Naruto said as they followed them.

They followed the blues as they swam, and noticed that there was more work to do. Not only where there some nasty fish, but strange creatures that were a mix of fish and man. They had the general body of humans, but fiercely clawed webbed hands with a fin on their backs. They wore no clothes, but had fish like scales. They had a twisted visage of a human face with fish like features and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Team 7 watched as one of the fish creatures grabbed a Blue and started to devour it.

Minions Overlord

'How horrible!' Sakura gasped as the other blue minions where too afraid to enter, or just weren't fast enough to get away.

Gnarl began to speak once more, 'Ah, I didn't think such marvelous specimens of Sahagins would still survive. This particular breed of creature is an aquatic carnivore that is above the average intelligence of most beasts. They can learn to use tools, but prefer to rip their prey with claws and eat like a piranha. They are quite agile in the water, but on land they aren't that fast or skilled. Normally I would want to capture such a dark creature, but they're eating the blues. Hurry and save them master, and bring some Sahagin meat back. It's quite tasty.'

'We will think about it,' muttered Naruto. They needed the Sahagin to get onto land so Naruto threw a shuriken at one of them. It struck one in the arm and they notice the group and growled in anger.

Naruto place the red so they are out of the way but able to fire from a distance. The group and the brown minions got ready as the Sahagin got out of the water. Naruto waited for the best chance to strike, when they are too far away from the water to get an edge. As the red started to throw fire ball Naruto sent the browns first. 'Charge!' one shouted as the brown split up so two or three were on the six Sahagin. Naruto Sakura and Sasuke jumped into action and attacked as well. One Sahagin killed a brown before it whole body caught on fire and it ran around in pained before it fell. Sasuke got behind one was two browns distracted it from the front. She took two kunai and drove them into the sides of its neck. It trashed and held its bleeding neck as the browns jumped on it and stabbed it to death.

Sakura stabbed one in the stomach as the Sahagin killed another brown. It roared and swiped at her. Sakura ducked and kicked its wound before the red finished it off. Naruto moved fast and slashed at the Sahagin as he dodge it attacks. After ducking under a wild swing he got up and removed its head. The last two had enough and ran to the water. But Naruto sent the rest of the browns at the nearest one and it was knocked over, buried and beaten to death. Sasuke had her jutsu ready, 'fire style; Fire ball jutsu.' Before she roasted it before the Sahagin could get into the water.

After seeing it was safe the blue ran to the fallen browns and revived them. 'Now that the Sahagins are dealt with, we just need to find the minion hive.' Gnarl said.

we can now get the Blue Minion Hive to the closest waypoint gate. I will send one at the entrance of the cave, and please do return to the tower with your mistresses so we can begin your lessons on magic.' Gnarl said as Naruto sent most of the minions back to the Dark Tower and called forth the blues.

He then sent them to collect the hive, and collect it they did. They continued to travel as Naruto sighed, 'Well, we have another minion tribe on our side.' Sakura was giddy and kissed Naruto full on the lips. She even used her tongue a bit causing Naruto to blush at the fact that he was kissing his crush, 'Being an Overlord is awesome if I get this kind of treatment.'After the kiss died down, Sakura gave him a big hug before saying, 'Thank you for getting the Blue Hive out of here for me. This means a lot to me.'

'It's not a problem Sakura.' Naruto said as they finished reaching the entrance. The blue minions placed it on the ground and it immediately returned to the tower.

'Master, I believe we should begin your magic training, but I don't want mistress Ino to be left out. She is your cousin and mistress, and all four of you could benefit from it. It would also give me a chance to scour what's left of the library, and see if some of the old spell books are there. Idiotic shinobi from Kumo or Iwa thought they might be junk and threw them away.' Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke began their trek back to Tazuna's so that they could get Ino and begin magic training.

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  • Easy Lifeforce

Note: By the time you get to this area you should have picked up two Forge Stones. Go to Forge and buy the Evil Eye Helmet. This gives you two Lifeforce instead of one for each collected. Go to the area where you need to recover the Green Hive. As you are making your way out with it, you will reach an area with two big opponents that shoot the blue beam gun. One will be roaming up top, and the other stands next to a wheel to open the door next to him. In the same room is a floor plate to release the gnomes behind a cage door. Release the gnomes and use them to help you kill the both of the blue beam gun opponents. After they are dead, return to the gnome cage and open it again. They will keep respawning indefinitely. Try setting yourself near the top of the stairs going down while facing toward the cage. Then, send out your minions. While they are out hunting, set your controller to keep sending out minions. When not killing, they are collecting Lifeforce at double the rate due to the helmet.

Overlord 2 All Upgrade Locations

After gaining the green hive, return to Everlight fortress. Get at least ten reds and whatever minions of the other colors desired. Go to the center of the courtyard where you hear the gnomes. Place the reds at the bottom of the stairs facing the gnome's prison, then activate the switch to let them out. The gnomes will run out but will be scared of the reds and move back. About five or six gnomes will run out at a time. Allow the reds to scare them into the corner. After some time when you think there are a reasonable amount of gnomes, send the rest of the horde up there to finish them off quickly. Some might get past you. Either let them go or track them down and end them. You will only receive reds, browns, and green life forces. If done correctly, you should have no problem with dispatching the 1,000 gnomes and will never have to worry about running low on your favorite color minions.

Overlord 2 Blue Minions

Overlord 2 Upgrades

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