August 22, 2017

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Ray Mechanic is a spin-off class of Tinkerer, one of the class from Dragon Nest game. You’ll be a Mechanic class from the start of the game, so you don’t need to take the first quest job from Tinkerer to Mechanic in level 15. Instead, you still have to take a quest job to turn into Ray Mechanic in level 50 by accessing the Tinkerer Station in Saint Haven.

Ray Mechanic, just like the other spin-off class, is able to transform into the stronger mode. However, this class is somewhat unique as you won’t transform into something black or white form, but you will ride the robot called Alfredo Frontier. Almost your skills – mainly your main skills – will switch into different skills as well in robot mode, and gives lots of damage to the enemies. Almost like Raven who got great revamp since level cap 90.

The Alfredo Frontier acts as your unique skills and could be unlocked after you reach level 50 and complete the second job quest.

Skills are special properties attached to your God Arc parts (blade, shield and gun) and Upgradesthat grant the player boosts/penalties in stats, special abilities and/or handicaps. To activate skills, you simply need to equip a God Arc part or an Upgrade part that possesses the skill you want. 1 Types of Skills 2 Rules and Notes on Skills 3 SkillLists 3.1 GE2/GEB 3.1.1 HP, OP and ST Related. Update info on skill tree and class 07-10-19, 11:46 AM Hello, i'm thinking of returning in to the game (i love rappelz's pet system) but a lot has changed since i left.

Yeah, everyone already knew about this because your publisher maybe explained this information as complete as they could. But how about the skill tree and equipment build? I bet you won’t find lots of this kind of information on the internet. So, I decided to make one for you!

But before we talk about that, I wish you watch my video first about Ray Mechanic gameplay. At least, you will know my fighting style so you can adjust your fighting style into my skill tree. And also, I feel that this class is overpowered despite I’m using the medium-budget equipment. Just check the video below!


Ray Mechanic Skill Tree

As you can see in the video above that Ray Mechanic can give lots of damage to the enemies. Trust me, I don’t use the legend equipment at all. I just wearing one set of unique equipment level 93 which I’ll explain in equipment section below.

When it comes to Ray Mechanic (in human form), the only thing you need to do is gathering 5 bubbles called Atomic Energy, and you can use the special Atomic Blade skill (almost similar to the Warrior’s Lunar Knight ultimate skill). While in the Alfredo Frontier form, you have to use all of your skills as fast as possible before the Plasma reaches 30 bubbles. When it happens, you can’t use any of main skills anymore, except the Plasma Boost and Satellite Beam (your ultimate skill).

Update: When the game has reached level cap 95, you can unlock the class mastery III involving Stun Grenade and Multiplier. This skill is not an instant, it’s just like a link. When you throw the Stun Grenade to the enemies, and use the Multiplier skill right away, then the lasers will automatically aim the the enemies that gives bigger damage.

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So, if you have decided to use my fighting style, then you can use my skill tree as well.

Surely there is no awakening skill for Ray Mechanic – it’s different with her sisters who use the same Cannon, Gear Master and Shooting Star – and the developer also stated that they won’t create it for any spin-off class.

Ray Mechanic Equipment Build

Like what I said before that I’m not a rich player in the game, I just an average person who uses medium-budget of the equipment. I’m not an aristocrat or whatever you wanna call it but I feel it’s enough to clear the daily quest and beat the Nest with my fellow Dragon Nest players. However, it’s still impossible to beat the raid nest like Ice Dragon Nest or even Rune Dragon Nest 8-man hardcore.

Anyway, this is my current stats:

I’m wearing one set of Rune Dragon equipment:

  • Weapon & Secondary Weapon +13 = Attaching the Destruction Enhance Jewel (AGI)
  • Armor +10 = Attaching the Wind Enhance Jewel (Vit)
  • 2 Pair of Ice Dragon Rings Legend = Attaching the Destruction Enhance Jewel (AGI)
  • Ice Dragon Earring and Necklace Legend = Attaching the Wind Enhance Jewel (Crit)

While the Heraldry includes:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Health
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Defence

And the skill Heraldry consists of:

  • Dynamic Vortex (hit damage) = When you using this skill, you will enter the invincible mode (70%).
  • Dynamic Razer (damage)
  • Resonator (damage)
  • Flick (damage)

While the Talismans are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Bear
  • Iron Wall
  • Tent
  • Life
  • Health

That’s all!

Tips: For the skill heraldry, you don’t have to be the same as me. Just use only skills that you often use, or skills you like the most.

Rappelz Player Class Guide by koki1

I made this little thing mostly for new players who wants to know more the classes. Maybe it will help people choosing a class for the first time.

First, when you make your character, you choose your race. There are 3 different races; Gaia, Deva and Asura.

Then, when you have completed some start quests and such, you will be able to choose your first job class. For each race there are 3 first job classes:

Gaia: Fighter, Kahuna and Spell Singer.
Deva: Holy Warrior, Cleric and Breeder.
Asura: Strider, Dark Magi and Sorcerer.

Fighter: The Gaia warrior. A regular damage dealer class. The class can be used as a melee combat fighter or a long range fighter. As melee weapon I would recommend using a 2-handed axe or 2 1-handed axes (you will need a passive skill for that). Swords also work. As long range weapon you have a Long Bow.

Kahuna: The Gaia magician. This class have some good magic spells combined with a pretty good melee fighting ability. They are usually using a 2-handed axe for fighting. They also have buff skills (raising stats of others/yourself) that are very useful in groups.

Spell Singer: The Gaia summoner. As all summoner classes, this class uses a pet to fight by your side. It got skills to make a pet strong. Combined with this, it’s also a good fighter by itself. I would recommend using 2 1-handed axes when you get the passive skill for it. A 2-handed axe works too.

Holy Warrior: The Deva warrior. This class are mainly melee combat warriors. It has good defense and health, which makes it an excellent tank that can last long. Many weapons fit this class, some are 1-handed sword + shield, 2 1-handed swords, spear, 1-handed mace + shield etc.

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Cleric: The Deva magician. This class are most known for the healing spells. It can heal (restore health) other players and itself. This makes it an excellent class for playing in groups to keep people alive. It also have other good magic spells and buffs. I recommend using a staff for better healing when you are playing in a group or a mace when you play alone for a good combination of magic and melee attacks.

Breeder: The Deva summoner. A class where you use a pet fighting by your side. It has skills to make a pet strong in addition to pet healing and pet buffs. Recommended weapon is a 2-handed mace.

Strider: The Asura warrior. A class that fights melee or range. It is known for fast hits and quick speed. Melee weapons would be 2 1-handed swords or 2 1-handed dirks. The range weapon for this class is a crossbow.

Dark Magi: The Asura magician. This class is using attack magic and debuff magic. It casts strong magic spells to kill the enemy. It uses a 2-handed staff for strong magic attacks, but a dirk + shield combo works too for melee attacks.

Sorcerer: The Asura summoner. Another class where you use a pet to fight by your side. It have skills to make your pet strong and also got good magic attack skills. They are mainly using dirk + shield to fight.

Later, when your character level is at least 50 and your job level is at least 40, you will be able to choose a second job class based on the class you choose as first job.

A short list over the second job classes:

Fighter can become a Champion or an Archer.
Champion improves the melee ability of the fighter.
Archer improves the range ability of the fighter.

Kahuna can become a Druid or a Battle Kahuna.
Druid gets good new magic spells and are probably more specialized on magic than the Battle Kahuna.
Battle Kahuna improves the fighting of the Kahuna, and are probably more specialized on melee attacking than the Druid.

Spell Singer can become an Evoker.
Evoker improves the abilities of the spell singer.

Holy Warrior can become a Soldier or a Knight.
Soldier improves the abilities of the Holy Warrior. Probably a bit more oriented on attack power than the Knight.
Knight improves the abilities of the Holy Warrior. Probably a bit more oriented on defense power than the Soldier.

Cleric can become a Priest or a Bishop.
Priest improves the healing abilities of the Cleric.
Bishop improves the magic abilities of the Cleric. A little less healing specialized than the Priest.

Breeder can become a Soul Breeder.
Soul Breeder improves the abilities of the Breeder.

Strider can become an Assassin or a Shadow Hunter.
Assassin improves the melee ability of the Strider.
Shadow Hunter improves the range ability of the Strider.

Dark Magi can become a Chaos Magician or a Warlock.
Chaos Magician improves the magic abilities of the Dark Magi. More attack spell specialized than the Warlock.
Warlock improves the magic abilities of the Dark Magi. More Debuff spell specialized than the Chaos Magician.

Sorcerer can become a Battle Summoner.
Battle Summoner improves the abilities of the Sorcerer.

EDIT: Links to where to find the skill trees for every class:
The Gaia classes: … topic&t;=82
The Deva Classes: … topic&t;=84
The Asura Classes: … topic&t;=83

Note that some names of the classes / skills on these links are not correct compared to in-game.

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Hope you choose a class that you like and good luck with the game.