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I've never re-calibrated my Scoots since I put it together 15 years
I just keep an eye on how fast the particular product is going out and
the rate seems off, then I adjuct the dial a bit. From experience
suggested settings on the bag are often off one way or the other from
what you actually need anyway. Probably depends on factors like
how much moisture may have gotten into the particular product, etc.

So, I just start with a part of a bag,
say 1/4 and keep an eye on how far that goes, relative to the area it
should cover, then adjust accordingly. And if you're off somewhat it
won;t matter much. I'd tend to err on the side of a bit too light,
can always do a 2nd pass.

Over time, this part can bend or break from regular use, and should be replaced when it shows sign of wear to ensure proper functionality of the Spreader. This part is approximately 2.25' long and is made of durable metal. Each is sold individually. TSC carries Lawn Spreaders. Notice: Changing your store affects your localized pricing and pickup locations to new items added to cart. Any items already in your cart may change price.

Ez broadcast spreader by republic

Ez Broadcast Spreader By Republic


Republic Ez Broadcast Spreader Replacement Parts Diagrams

I know the forsythia guidline is widely used for pre-emergent, but
I think it's still very early to be putting it down right now. I'm in
coastal NJ and I would not put it down here for a couple weeks.
CG doesn't germinate until you have temps in the high 70s or 80s.
By that time the effectiveness could be wearing off. I prefer to do
it a bit later and use a product with Dimension which will not only
prevent germination but kill very small CG plants too.