Sainsbury’s Supermarkets is Britain’s longest standing major food retailing chain (Annual Report and Financial Statements 2005). In addition to a wide range of quality food and grocery products, many stores offer delicatessen, meat and fish counters, complementary non-food products such as clothing and home ware, pharmacies, coffee shops. is for our colleagues to share news, stories and access other information that is relevant to them. I m currently working in one of the Sainsbury s local stores as a customer assistant. Before I got the job here I used to dye my hair unnatural colours a lot, but had it toned down when I was first employed. I ve seen girls in the larger supermarkets with brighter hair colours, but I ve also heard that it is against the company policy to dye your hair an unnatural colour. As I would like to.


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Everything you need to know about payslips, benefits, work schedules for Sainsburys, Habitat and Argos personel.

Oursainsburys is the name of the official Sainsburys employee website.

You will need to access the official Oursainsburys login page, previously located at, to manage your payslips and work hours online.

Oursainsburys is also used to keep up-dated on company news, jobs offerings and benefits.

This website is intended as an informational tool for Sainsburys, Habitat and Argos employees, and a help guide for all employee-related matters.

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About Oursainsburys & MySainsburys.

Oursainsburys, sometimes written as Our Sainsburys, is an online portal, which can be accessed by Sainsbury’s employees and colleagues. The service itself provides important details, including roster information and past payslips. It also facilitates easier communication and allows employees to keep up with company news.

Prior to its re-branding, the online portal was known as Mysainsburys, or My Sainsburys.

Oursainsburys Account Creation.

The Our Sainsburys platform has an unusual sign up process, because it does not provide an online registration form. This is a decision that has been made for security reasons, as the employee portal is solely intended for use by Sainsbury’s colleagues, meaning accounts are not available to the general public.

Rather than visiting the website and completing a manual sign up process, employees will instead be registered by either their HR department or their manager. In almost all cases, this will occur soon after you start work with Sainsbury’s; typically during your induction phase, when you should be made aware of the online portal.

With that being said, a small number of employees do encounter problems here. If you have not been registered for the service, or if you are unsure of your login credentials, you should contact your manager or the HR department.

In order to be registered, all users must also have a valid National Insurance number. or

One thing to be aware of is the fact that the URL for the My Sainsburys and Our Sainsburys portals has changed several times. This can be especially confusing if you are a former employee returning to Sainsburys, or if you are out of the habit of actually using the online employee website for any reason.

Initially, the URL for the service was:

This later changed to:

Sainsbury's Colleague Handbook Examples

More recently, as a result of the re-branding, the URL changed again, this time to:

The old URLs may or may not re-direct to the new site, so to avoid any issues in this area, it is best to update your bookmarks and get into the habit of entering the correct URL into your address bar. While previous versions of the service had their own login forms, the current system makes use of a Microsoft login page.

The old now points you to

Oursainsburys Login.

How do I log in to my Oursainsburys/Mysainsburys account?

  1. Oursainsburys accounts are created by the HR department and all login credentials follow the same basic format. The username will resemble an email address and will be made up of your first name, last name, and last four digits of your Employee ID. Meanwhile, your password will be your National Insurance Number, with no spaces, and with the first letter being upper case. After signing in for the first time, it is recommended to change your password.
  2. An example of your valid Oursainsburys Username is: [email protected].uk (for example: [email protected]). If you are unsure of your credentials, you should speak to the HR department, or your manager.
  3. Once you are aware of your login credentials, you can sign in to the employee portal by going to: here.
  4. After the page loads, you should see a Microsoft Outlook based login form, with a field marked ‘Email, phone or Skype’. In that field, enter your username, then click on the ‘Next’ button. Then, enter your password and click the ‘Sign In’ button.

Some employees have reported issues with accounts becoming locked, seemingly without cause. If this applies to you, the advice is to call the DT Service Desk on 0345 603 2282. Once you connect with the automated answering system, choose option number eight and you should be put through to someone who can assist you with this.

The Mysainsburys or Oursainsburys login page is now a Microsoft Outlook Sign In page.

Sainsburys Colleague Handbook

Oursainsburys Login Problems.

From time to time, Sainsbury’s employees may encounter difficulties when attempting to sign in to their account. However, in almost all cases, there is a fairly simple solution. If you are unsure of the precise cause, the best advice is to work through the following troubleshooting tips.

The most obvious potential problem is that you are using the wrong URL, so make sure your bookmarks have been updated, or that you are entering the right address into your web browser. If the page still fails to load, you may have a problem with your internet connection, so check it is working by trying to load a different site.

If you continue to have problems even loading the page, you should make sure your web browser is updated to the latest version. It may also be worth temporarily disabling any ad-blocking software you have installed.

For users who have managed to load the login page, but are unable to actually log in, the most common problem is incorrect login credentials. Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly and check that there are no typing errors before trying to sign in. Your username should resemble an email address and you need to enter the prefix, ‘@’ symbol and suffix. Your password is case sensitive, so turn CAPS LOCK off.

As with any service of this type, it is inevitable that some users will forget either their username or their password. If this applies to you, the service includes a built-in username and password recovery system. Go to the main login screen and click on ‘Can’t Access Your Account?’ – then simply follow the steps outlined on-screen.

If you continue to have problems, it might be worth attempting to sign in using a different web browser, or a different device, such as a mobile, tablet or laptop. It should be possible to sign in using all mainstream web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Finally, if all else fails, employees are advised to call the Sainsburys DT Service Desk on 0345 603 2282.

Our Sainsburys Payslips and Staff Roster Information.

While the employee portal serves a number of different functions, the main reasons employees tend to log in are because they want to view payslips or want to see staff roster information. Fortunately, both of these options are easy to find. Simply log in to your account and use the navigation menu to go to the relevant section.

Oursainsburys Employee Discounts.

After 12 weeks’ worth of service, employees become eligible for employee discounts, which amount to a 10 percent discount for colleagues in Sainsbury’s supermarkets, as well as Argos stores. Meanwhile, for colleagues working in a Habitat store, the employee discount is an even more generous 25 percent.

In all cases, a second named person can be chosen and they too can benefit from the discount.

More information about the range of employee benefits available can be viewed by visiting:

Use your Oursainsburys card to get a 10% employee discount.

Mysainsbury’s HR Contact Information.

At various points in time, you might need to get in touch with HR, in order to request assistance or ask questions. It might also be necessary to speak to the technical team operating the Oursainsburys service, especially if you have technical problems with the site itself. The numbers to call are as follows:

Human Resources – 0800 707 6242
DT Service Desk – 0345 603 2282
Bank Service Desk – 0345 603 4401
Depot Service Desk – 0345 603 5538

About Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s is a major retail company, based in the United Kingdom, which primarily operates supermarkets. Indeed, with a market share of more than 15 percent, it is the country’s second-largest company of its type. The supermarkets sell various convenience items, including food, clothing, electronics and personal care products.

Many Sainsbury’s supermarkets are connected to a petrol station and contain a café. Moreover, the company also owns Sainsbury’s Bank, as well as the popular catalogue retail chain, Argos, and the furniture chain, Habitat.

For further help and questions about, please refer to the comment section.

SainsburySainsburys Colleague Handbook

Our Sainsbury’s – mysainsburys

Oursainsburys is the online website portal for the employees of sainsburys. Employees of sainsburys can log into the and check the information and manage the employee schedules, check payslips and payrolls, Know about his standing in the our sainsburys community and Respond to the messages and create the complaints, Tickets and Talk to the superior managers. Get Started with our sainsburys for colleagues

How to Login to

  • Visit the official portal of oursainsburys :
  • Now you’ll be redirected to the microsoft login page of oursainsburys
  • Provide the associated user email and password and submit
  • After successful attempt to login, Manage the records.schedules of your mysainsburys account

My Sainsbury’s is a most trusted retailer company where people love to work and shop for many things. The colleagues and channels strive to provide the best possible shopping experience.

Our Values

The core values of OurSainsbury’s included health, sourcing, environment, our colleagues, and environment. It helps the customers to live well and living well by facilitating healthy food. In some of the countries, millions of people lack access to the right nutrition while UK is consuming the food that is high in sugar, salt, and fat resulting in high levels of obesity and diet-released disease.

The organization has a responsibility to help the customers to eat healthily and enhance the quality of food in their baskets. It has dealt with more than 26 million customer transactions every week. The key achievements of Our Sainsbury’s included 11 tonnes of salt and 452 tonnes of sugar is removed from the own-brand cereal range, 400 tonnes of sugar and 12 red traffic light labels had deleted from our ambient squashes and mixtures.

From the active kids 2017, schools and clubs benefited from. More than 9000 teachers trained to deliver inclusive active thanks to all of active kids for PE training programme.

Our Sainsbury’s Log in

OurSainsbury’s employees can log into the their own accounts through the online website very easily without facing any hassles out. With the use of mySainsbury’s Login, the employees can check out the updated information about schedules, payslips information, learn skills, and much more of my sainsburys.

For that, they need to enter registered email address or phone number or skype id to enter into the OurSainsbury’s services or sign in account on If you’re not able to access your account even though you’ve entered a valid registered email address or phone number or skype, you can immediately contact the DT service desk which is always available for you to solve the issues.

Our Business Strategy

The business strategy highlights that how the company will achieve the core values of being the most trusted retailer wherein the people will love to work and shop. From it has launched the company, it strives to help the customers to live well at affordable cost.

In order to provide the services like food, clothing, general merchandise, and financial services, it has more responsibilities to the customers, employees, our colleagues, and out planet. To reach these goals, it has identified five strategic priorities that helps to build trust and goodwill. The strategic priorities included colleagues make the difference, values our customers, and great products and services at reasonable prices.

Great Products and Services

Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s largest food retailers and it is helping the customers to live well. It has expanded its business to more than 605 supermarkets, 807 convenience stores, more than 15,000 own brand products, and 250,000 online orders per week. You shop for groceries at OurSainsbury’s stores or through online store at affordable prices.

You can also find more information about Sainsbury’s spring or summer wine tasting booklet, waste less and save more, Our sustainability plan, spring summer press back, and Sainsbury’s annual report.

If you would like to apply for the job at sainsburys check out this

Our Sainsbury’s Brands

Under Our Sainsbury’s brands, you can know about the vital information about brands including Sainsbury’s groceries, Tu, Argos, Sainsbury’s Home, Sainsbury’s Bank, Habitat, Nectar, and Energy. Argos has been available for more than 60,000 products online and at in-stores as well. yammer sainsburys

With the incorporating of this brand, it offers more convenience, choice, and value to the customers. For more than 29 million store customers and nearly a billion online visitors everyday, the organization helping the customers to get a easier life.

It has provided something for family members and the products may be available with top brands like Beats, Dyson, LEGO, Samsung, and Nespresso and other exclusive links like the Heart of house and Chad Valley. It offers the customers what they want and how they want it through the same-day fast track delivery and free in-store fast track collection services. The key figures of the organization included more than 60,000 products, 30,000 employees, 800 stores, and 1 billion online visitors. Through the online website, you can able to get to know more information about Sainsbury’s Argos community prize draw.


It is the popular brand for providing excellent quality and great value womenswear, mens wear, and kids wear. The organization gives the customers a high street style products at supermarket prices. Tu is facilitating an exclusive clothing range that takes the inspiration from both ready-to-wear runway and everyday street style to create unique pieces of clothing.


It introduced our Tu premium collection which is available in more than 190 stores and online. The main features of the collection subsuming higher quality fabrics which offering the customers luxe looks for less. By the way, the most important consideration is that Tu is a 10th largest retailer in the UK based on its value and commitment to provide the high quality products.

It has been sold out the clothing for more than 400 stores in the country. Specifically, you can also get guidelines by going through the links which are Womenswear summer look book and menswear summer look book.

Sainsbury’s Home – my sainsburys learning

Sainsbury’s organization selling good quality homeware items at great prices. There is a facility of crafting which is done by in-house team that can bring your home to life. It has been provided a wide range of homeware products that included from sturdy plates and weekend wine glasses to soft bedding throws and bathroom bits.

Additionally, the great in-house designers craft great value quality pieces which are made for everyday living. From Sansbury’s home, you can fill your home with family, laughter, and memories. The key features of Sainsbury’s home involving 13 in-house designers, 6000 pieces to turn your house into a life home, 80% of the home category is designed in-house, and 400 stores are available in.

It also providing some other guidelines to your family and highlighted links are doing floral without chints, the high low competition T&Cs, here comes the bride, and most stylish outdoor dining.

Sainsburys Has Vast Employee Benefits Than other organization, view all of them at perks and employee benefits at sainsburys

Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury’s Bank is the primary supermarket bank to open in the Britain. It is offering an award winning blend of financial products and attractive rewards to Sainsbury’s shoppers. Available financial products included credit cards, loan mortgages, savings and loans as well as travel money, car, pet, travel, and home insurance.

It is providing Sainsbury’s shoppers with great deals and rewards for choosing to shop and bank for your products. If you’re a Nectar card holder, you can able to receive extra points and preferential rates across a range of products. It has subsumed more than 1700 ATMs, 1500 colleagues across the UK, 230 travel money bureax, and 8 financial products. In order to get additional information, you can visit its website and it has offered the information about jobs and Our money matters.


The challenging conventions and shaping the way people live. Additionally, it helps the customers to find outstanding design for the home and accessible to all. It has always been about designing things which are cleverly crafted and affordably priced.

It travels the world to discover new ideas on inspiring things based on the collections. If you want a home with contemporary, you can get your preferred home with the help of well-designed habitat and then chances are available at right place. Habitat is providing more than 4500 unique products in its collection, more than 200 suppliers in the world, and 14 UK stores and counting.

Habitat Services

Habitat is providing expert design and installation services to its customers. Based on its interior design and room layout expertise, you can find a dedicated and committed services to establish a stylish and impactful space. The design consultant will meet you to give suggestions including for on-site if you’d preferred and to ensure that your property is ideally tailored to your market, location, and budget.

Once if you’ve registered for Habitat services through Our Sainsbury’s, you can gain the advantage of free installation service and assembly by registered professionals and a dedicated customer care service. That means, your investment always be working for you. The professional team has the capacity and experience to manage both large and small projects to exacting time scales.

It is offering 48-hour and hassle free replenishment service up and down in the UK so that your property is remain in prime condition. The available packages are tailored to fit for your space, budget, and room configuration. The packages are included in three pricing tiers such as essential, classic, and premium collections.

Accordingly, it has considered the packages to make sure that your property should fit for your requirements and looking perfect for living and letting so it can immediately generate income. In addition to these, it is providing flexibility to add and remove products from the suggested packages so you get what exactly that you need. It has a dedicated team to provide the design interior services. Whether you want to take an initial interest to express or take an advantage of be-spoke later, you do not hesitate to contact the customer care centre whenever you want.


OurSainsbury’s has a partnership with the UK’s biggest loyalty programme which is Nectar. Through this service, customers can collect and spend points with hundreds of brands like Sainsbury’s and Argos. With the use of Nectar service, customers can also get money off for their shopped items or exchange them for rewards from any of Nectar’s partners.

As of now, it has 16 million Nectar cardholders regularly shop with Sainsbury’s. The essential points included 1 point for every 1 Euro spent at Sainsbury’s, 2 points for every 1 Euro spent at, and more than 500 brands signed up to Nectar.



The company has a leading energy partnership to provide sustainable energy solutions to homes across the United Kingdom. It is working together with British Gas and it supports the U.K. transition to a greener future to reduce the energy use and carbon emissions.

It is combined with the customer service and energy expertise to help the customers in order to get best value from the energy and the range of green technology products. It has more than 10,000 highly qualified gas safe registered engineers, incorporated simple steps to switch energy to us and potential savings for installing an A-rated boiler.


Through the property service, it is offering customer service with great choice and flexibility across the supermarket, convenience, and online businesses. It is initiated new shops to open, adding to the existed 2,200 supermarkets, convenience stores, and Argos stores across the UK and Ireland.

The team who working at Property service consistently investing in the stores and expanding the general merchandise and clothing ranges, introducing new fresh food counters and rolling out Habitat stores in the supermarkets. It is also managing the services and working with the concessions partners to provide the customers with more choice and convenience. The property service is available in more than 800 convenience stores, over 600 supermarkets, over 800 Argos stores, and property assets.

Property Development and Estates

Sainsbury’s has strongest covenants in the market place and a strong track record of working in the partnership with agents, developers, and landlords to open the new stores. It is actively pursuing the new sites to expand the store portfolio across the United Kingdom and it will consider all types of properties and locations. It is very flexible as long as the size and location is right. But, the guidelines included property should be visible and accessible, minimum of 2000 sq ft at grounding floor, backup and sales can be split over two floors, leasehold or freehold, and 1500 to 9500 sq ft at gross.

All types of properties will be considered at Sainsbury’s such as new and mixed use developments, existing business units, greenfield locations, redevelopments, PFS site, and pub conversions. This organization also considered all types of location that might be involved emerging house developments, main roads, busy urban high streets, out facing shopping centres, neighbourhood or local centres with good residential catchments, on prime pitch or strong adjacencies, close to transport hubs, etc.

If you think that your site is useful for a good Sainsbury’s location, you should complete the application form or get in contact with any of the property development team to sell your property. The filled details involved name, company or any other relevant name, email id, and other information about the site, etc.