1. Shadow Man Ps1
  1. Shadow Man Remastered is set to launch in 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The original, unaltered release is also available on PC via both GOG and Steam.
  2. Shadow Man is the brave and powerful supernatural hero who protects humanity from the sinister demons that lurk in the Deadside and spill into our world. The Shadow Man video game was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and published for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast console in 1999.

The remaster wizards at Night Dive Studios are at it again as they plan to remaster Shadow Man for 2021. The game is something of a cult classic that originally released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation and PC, then eventually the Dreamcast. It follows Michael LeRoi who has taken on the role of the Shadow Man, a long line of voodoo warriors tasked with protecting our world from the world of the dead. We’ve seen some footage of the game with its new facelift, and now we got some side-by-side comparison.

Shadow Man Remastered will come to PC via Steam and GOG, as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. The release date remains under wraps, however.

Night Dive released several screenshots showing something from the original title and then roughly the same shot from the upcoming remaster. There is obviously only so much that one can do with what’s there, but there’s definitely been a good deal of work put into this release. You can check them all out below.

Shadow Man Remastered is set to launch in 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The original, unaltered release is also available on PC via both GOG and Steam.

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Game Shark Codes

Shadow Man Ps1

Max Reverse Joker CommandD00BB69A ????
Infinite Health800C13C4 2710
800C13C6 0000
Max Health800C13C0 2710
800C13C2 0000
Max Shadow Charge Level800C13CC 2710
800C13CE 0000
Max Shadow Charge800C13D0 2710
800C13D2 0000
Infinite Air800C13C8 2710
800C13CA 0000
Infinite Voodoo800C13D4 2710
800C13D6 0000
Infinite Prisms800B44E4 0003
Infinite Accumulator Ammo800B44E8 0003
Infinite Shotgun Ammo800C13D8 0032
800C13DA 0000
Infinite Violator Ammo800C13DC 0032
800C13DE 0000
Infinite Cadeaux Ammo800C13E0 00FF
800C13E2 0000
Infinite Handgun Ammo800C13E4 0032
800C13E6 0000
Infinite Retractor Ammo800B44E6 0005
Time is Always 0:00:00800B5588 0000
800B558A 0000
Moon Jump (Press L2 + Triangle)D00BB69A EEFF
800C129A FFFF
Have The Prophecy800BC018 0003
800BC01A 0000
Have Jack's Journal800BC01C 0003
800BC01E 0000
Have Book of Shadows800BC020 0003
800BC022 0000
Have Teddy Bear800BC024 0003
800BC026 0000
Have Accumulator800BC028 0003
800BC02A 0000
Have Enseigne800BC02C 0003
800BC02E 0000
Have Asson800BC030 0003
800BC032 0000
Have 0.9-SMG800BC034 0003
800BC036 0000
Have Flashlight800BC038 0003
800BC03A 0000
Have Engineer's Key800BC03C 0003
800BC03E 0000
Have Flamebeau800BC040 0003
800BC042 0000
Have Handgun/Shadowgun800BC044 0003
800BC046 0000
Have Key Card800BC04C 0003
800BC04E 0000
Have Violator800BC050 0003
800BC052 0000
Have Marteau800BC054 0003
800BC056 0000
Have Baton800BC058 0003
800BC05A 0000
Have MP-909800BC05C 0003
800BC05E 0000
Have Shotgun800BC048 0003
800BC04A 0000
Have Shotgun800BC060 0003
800BC062 0000
Have Retractor800BC064 0003
800BC066 0000
Have Spare800BC068 0003
800BC06A 0000
Have Calabash800BC06C 0003
800BC06E 0000
Have Cadeaux800BC088 0003
800BC08A 0000
Have Spare800BC070 0003
800BC072 0000
Have Spare800BC074 0003
800BC076 0000
Have Prism800BC078 0003
800BC07A 0000
Have L'Eclipser: La Lune800BC07C 0003
800BC07E 0000
Have L'Eclipser: La Soleil800BC080 0003
800BC082 0000
Have L'Eclipser: La Lame800BC084 0003
800BC086 0000
Unlock Boyou Paradis, Louisiana (Normally Unlocked)300BC0AC 0001
Have All Secrets Bayou Paradis, Louisiana8009D088 0808
Unlock Mordant Street, Queens, NY300BC0AD 0001
Have All Secrets Mordant Street, Queens, NY8009D08A 0101
Unlock Gordelle County Jail, Texas300BC0AE 0001
Have All Secrets Gardelle County Jail, Texas3009D08C 0303
Unlock Down Street Station, London300BC0AF 0001
Have All Secrets Down Street Station, London8009D08E 0101
Unlock Deadside: Marrow Gates (Normally Unlocked)300BC0B0 0001
Have All Secrets Deadside: Marrow Gates8009D090 0404
Unlock Paths of Shadows Prophecy Chambers300BC0B1 0001
Have All Secrets Paths of Shadows Prophecy Chambers8009D090 0404
Unlock Wasteland: Temple of Life (Toucher)300BC0B2 0001
Have All Secrets Wasteland: Temple of Life8009D092 0D0D
Unlock Asylum: Gateway300BC0B3 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Gateway8009D094 0C0C
Unlock Asylum: Cathedral of Pain300BC0B4 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Cathedral of Pain8009D096 0202
Unlock Asylum: Engine Block300BC0B5 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Engine Block8009D098 0B0B
Unlock Temple of Life300BC0B6 0001
Have All Secrets Temple of Life8009D09A 0B0B
Unlock Asylum: Cageways300BC0B7 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Cageways8009D09C 0B0B
Unlock Asylum: Playrooms300BC0B8 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Playrooms8009D09E 0A0A
Unlock Temple of Prophecy (Marcher)300BC0B9 0001
Have All Secrets Temple of Prophecy8009D0A0 0D0D
Unlock Asylum: Lavaducts300BC0BA 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Lavaducts8009D0A2 0909
Unlock Temple of Blood (Nager)300BC0BB 0001
Have All Secrets Temple of Blood8009D0A4 0808
Unlock Asylum: Undercity300BC0BC 0001
Have All Secrets Asylum: Undercity8009D0A6 0303