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  • Download text to speech sinhala voice for free. Education software downloads - Sinhala Text to Speech by Language Technology Research Laboratoy, University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka and many more programs are available for instant and free download.
  • Type Sinhala in all your favourite programs, including your email, web browser, Word, Excel, Outlook and many, many more. The Garp Sinhala keyboard is a fully Unicode compliant, phonetic keyboard, designed to be easy to use for anyone familiar with a QWERTY keyboard. It uses logical key combinations to produce all the Sinhala letters.

The Sinhala Writer is a JAVA® based typing software solution that can be used to create Sinhala text using an ordinary English keyboard on Windows ™ environment with True Type Fonts (.ttf). Or we can say, it is typing Sinhala in Singlish. But the final output comes in Sinhala letters. With Type Sinhala universal application which runs on windows phone, you can Type in SINHALA and share it to the world via Facebook,Twitter,SMS and mail with a click of a button!!! This is a very simple and easy to use app which translates the word you type in English to.

Sinhala Typing Software Online Downloads

In early days, Sinhala Typing was a very hard thing to do and Sinhala was not working on Operating Systems and Browsers accurately. But after introducing the Unicode method, We can type in Sinhala easily and accurately on PCs, Mobiles & Web.

Sinhala Typing using Unicode Keyboard is not a hard thing. But most people are lazy to learn it. (Not all People are lazy!). By the way, now we have so many applications to type in Sinhala easily with the messaging style for PC & Mobiles. Messaging Style is called as Singlish or Singreesi. So, This style includes English letters, but Sinhala Pronunciation.

This article is about Sinhala Typing Software, which is developed in Sri Lanka. All the Advantages & Disadvantages have listed below.

Sinhala Typing Software Online Course

KDJ Singlish – For PC (Install+Portable), Android, Google Chrome

KDJ Singlish is an amazing Singlish to Sinhala Typing Software. As the developer of this product, I just needed to develop an app for people In Sri Lanka to type in Sinhala with fewer mistakes and without losing their content. This effort was successful as I think.

KDJ Singlish first version was released on 1st of November 2018. But, It was just a conversion tool. But KDJ Singlish Latest Version for now which is released on 4th May 2019, It has more features than a Sinhala Conversion tool.

Getting KDJ Singlish on your computer is pretty easy. Just click here to redirect to KDJ Singlish Official website. You can download Portable and Install versions for Windows Operating System and Working for any version of Windows, Minumum Windows XP. Also, there are 32 and 64 Bit versions separately.

KDJ Singlish PC Features

  • Singlish to Sinhala Unicode Conversion
  • Singlish to Sinhala Font Conversion
  • Sinhala Unicode to Sinhala Font Conversion
  • Auto Saving
  • Manual Save & Open Options (Singlish Text)
  • Auto Suggestions in Smart Way (Offline & Online Libraries)
  • Adding Your Own Suggestions
  • Always on Top Feature
  • Compatible with Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.
  • Work as a Widget
  • Shortcut Keys to Copy Unicode Text (Ctrl + U) & Copy Font Text (Ctrl + F)
  • Organized Key-map Help for Letters and Words
  • Customer Support (You can send any suggestion to improve the software anytime)
  • & More…

KDJ Singlish PC Disadvantages

Sinhala Typing Software Online Download

  • The very big disadvantage is, KDJ Singlish is not a Sinhala typing keyboard, it’s a converter. So, you have to copy and paste the text wherever you need.

Helakuru – For PC & Mobile

Helakuru. It’s a name that needs no introductions. Helakuru is the name which was very popular in Sinhala Typing. With over 5 million downloads, it should come as no surprise. Most of the people know, “Helakuru” is available for the Mobile. But it’s wrong. Because Helakuru is now available as a PC Version and a Chrome Extension. Most of the people were waiting for the PC version.

Getting Helakuru on your computer is pretty easy. Just click here to redirect to Helakuru website. You can download for any operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac.

Helakuru PC Features

  • Works as a Sinhala Typing Keyboard
  • Support for Sinhala Unicode


If you are finding for an offline converter, this is not for you. This tool is working as a real-time keyboard. You can enable the tools and start to type, then everything will be converted to Sinhala automatically.


Singreesi is just another Sinhala Typing app to convert Singlish to Sinhala Unicode. If you are a designer or fonts user. This software doesn’t fit your needs. As a simple and lightweight software, this is very easy to download and install with a 3 or 4MB hard disk space. This is an Open source software and you can download it from here…


the pencil is also like Helakuru. But this tool will support you to type in Sinhala fonts also. You don ‘t have to copy and paste, just install the Pencil app and run it. After everytime, you type, everything will be converted to Sinhala. You can download Pencil Software for Free in here…


I hope you could get something about Sinhala Typing tools. You must use all version in my list and then, you will be able to get a final choice. Than you for watching this article and keep in touch with KDJ Guru. Have a nice day!

Are you facing a problem with typing in the Sinhala Language? Do you want to learn to type in Sinhala online? Or, Are you in search of the best Sinhala Typing Tutor and not able to find the best tool? Then Yes, you are on the right website from where you can learn to type Sinhala quickly. Follow below and type practice with Sinhala Keyboard to become a Sinhala typing master in no time.

Sinhala Keyboard is no. 1 web-based editor to write in Sinhala characters. This Sinhala Typing Test Keyboard is also known as සිංහල in the Sinhala Language. With this Keyboard, you can practice Sinhala lessons online for beginners. Sinhala Keyboard Online is the best and most comfortable virtual Keyboard to type in Sinhala alphabets, letters, and words. This online keyboard app is also useful for users who speak Sinhala across the world. Write Sinhala at a faster pace with this virtual Keyboard. Also, practice typing with our online typing keyboard games for free.

Sinhala Typing Software Online

Sinhala Typing Software Online Install

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Sinhala Typing Software Online Version

Use Sinhala Typing Keyboard for Sinhala typing practice online, and you don't have to install anything. Your physical keyboard will type Sinhala on this page. To type capital letters, hold [Shift] on your physical keyboard and, the letters will become the upper case. When you're done, you can or copy-paste. To double-click the [Select All] button to highlight all text, then press [Ctrl]+[c] to double and [Ctrl]+[v] to paste on your physical keyboard.