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Visual Studio 2005 Iso Download

Visual Studio 2005 Iso Download
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'Jeff' <it************ in message
I'm trying to install Visual Studio 2005 and get this error:
Visual Studio 2005 Professional - ENU Disk 1
This is an msdn version my boss downloaded from msdn. It contain 2 folders
'DISK1' and 'DISK2'
I've tryed and destroyed a few CD-R plates already (this is what I've
- Using My Disc as volume label didn't help -gives the error mention
above. (it was my frist attemt, used the default name made my Nero)
- Using 'DISK1' as label for the contens for the 'DISK1' folder didn't
help either, get the error mention above.
- Copy the contens of 'DISK1' to a folder. and then copy the contens of
'DISK2' to the same folder. Didn't help, right now unsure about what error
I got there...
Any suggestions how I should install it?
First, it sounds like you have a copy of a distribution DVD that came with a
shipment for a MSDN subscription. It's likely that the contents of the
folders DISK1 and DISK2 should be copied to separate CD's. Note: I did not
say to copy the *folders* to separate CD's, you need to copy the *contents*
of each folder to a separate CD, then start the install from the CD that has
the contents of the DISK1 folder. If that doesn't work, have your boss
download the ISO's for VS 2005 CD 1 and CD 2 (single large files with the
extension .iso), then burn them to CD using the 'burn image to disk' feature
of your burning software. Copying the ISO's as files to CD *will not work*.
Also, you should know that the two CD's contain only the program itself and
not the MSDN documentation that goes with Visual Studio. The CD version
requires that you obtain 3 more CD images for the documentation. Of course,
you and your boss could make the whole process simpler if he would download
the single VS2005 DVD image (which includes the documentation) and you
installed from that.
Good luck.

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