Virtual singers for your music production.

VOCALOID5 has 4 voicebanks (Japanese/English), over 1000 vocal phrases and over 1000 audio samples.
You can use the singing voice quickly and customize your own vocal.


VOCALOID5 Product Lineup

USD 225.23( before tax )

USD 360.36( before tax )

* Users who own a previous VOCALOID Editor product can purchase VOCALOID5 at a special upgrade price.

4 voicebanks

( English・Japanese )

Amy , Chris , Kaori , Ken

8 voicebanks

( English・Japanese )

Amy , Chris , Kaori , Ken , CYBER DIVA II , CYBER SONGMAN II , VY1 , VY2

more than 2000preset phrases
( 1000+ vocal phrases and 1000+ audio samples )
more than 100 preset singing styles

11audio effects


Compatible with

see more details

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Media Library

This is a list of all of the downloadable products that you can purchase from the VOCALOID SHOP and use immediately, including singing synthesizer softwares such as the VOCALOID Editor and Voice Banks. A VOCALOID 'vocalist', 'character', or 'mascot' (unofficial terminology)1 refers heavily to an illustrated character of a VOCALOID™-powered voicebank; although a product name or miscellaneous representation (like an avatar) can be included. The marketing of a vocalist varies by company and some companies may provide their vocalist with a basic profile, backstory, or personality that the.

Simply drag and drop top quality vocals into your music project. VOCALOID5 has over 1000 vocal phrases and over 1000 audio samples.

For Users Who Have Trouble Creating Lyrics and Melody

You can add “singing” to your songs simply by selecting your favorite phrases from the huge list of approximately 1000 phrases that are included. You will never again need to search websites for phrases and a cappella voices.

Compatible with Windows and Mac. Available with
VST / AU in order to improve production efficiency.
VOCALOID supports both Windows and Mac operating environments. VOCALOID5 has the ability to coordinate with other music software by allowing VST/AU.

Extensive video tutorials

Video tutorials are provided to explain how to install VOCALOID5 and to introduce each of its functions.
There are also video tutorials by overseas creators that introduce the music production techniques they use in VOCALOID.”

Edit Vocals to Meet Your Needs

With VOCALOID5, in addition to editing lyrics and melody, you can select the new “Style” function and “Attack & Release” function presets to further adjust the emotional quality of your vocals.

Make Your Computer Sing, Simply by Entering Lyrics and Melody

You can make your computer sing, simply by entering lyrics and a melody. With VOCALOID and a computer, you can express a song exactly as you envision.

“Style Function” for easy conversion to your favorite singing/vocal style

A large number of style presets (more than 100) are included to match a wide variety of music genres. Simply choose your favorite, and the singing/vocal style will be adjusted automatically. A wide variety of styles are available, including lead vocals, background vocals, and robotic vocals.

Complete Vocal Editing, with Functions for Making Detailed Adjustments to Vocals

VOCALOID5 includes 11 audio effects in the standard package. You can use the new Emotion Tool function to adjust vocals while keeping an eye on the waveform. Of course, you can also use the numerical parameters to make adjustments

Attack & Release Effects for more realistic vocal expression

Vocaloid heights community center

You can easily achieve vocal techniques that are difficult to adjust (such as vibrato) simply by clicking an icon and then copying & pasting. These vocal techniques have been sampled from actual singers, for more realistic vocal expression.

“Emotion Tool” for easy control of vocal strength while keeping an eye on the waveform

You can use simple mouse operations to adjust vocal strength, speed, phoneme length, and other settings while keeping an eye on the displayed waveform.

Extensive control parameters for adjusting vocals

There are three new/improved control parameters (Exciter, Air, Breathiness), for a total of 13 parameters for adjusting vocals to your needs.

4 Voicebanks
for Music Production

VOCALOID5 has 4 voicebanks.
English (Amy, Chris) and Japanese (Kaori, Ken) are included.

Voicebanks for a wide range of genres.

Use Voice Banks from VOCALOID3 and 4 without Modification

Voice banks from VOCALOID3 and 4 can be used in VOCALOID5 without modification. You can use VOCALOID5 to rediscover your favorite singing voice.

More than 50 Voicebanks

You can select from more than 50 Voicebanks that are available for purchase on our website. see more details

VOCALOID 4.5 Editor for Cubase included

VOCALOID5 includes the VOCALOID4.5 Editor for Cubase, which integrates VOCALOID functions into the “Cubase” DAW platform from Steinberg.
This allows you to use VOCALOID5 Voice Banks with the familiar GUI and operability of the VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase.




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Own workbased on Figure 1: System Diagram on Kenmochi & Ohshima 2007

  • Kenmochi, Hideki; Ohshima, Hayato (2007). 'VOCALOID - Commercial singing synthesizer based on sample concatenation' (PDF). Interspeech 2007. Center for Advanced Sound Technologies, Yamaha Corporation.
Other versions
  • Vocaloid system (large font) - en.svg (English, large font)

  • Vocaloid system (large font) - ja.svg (Japanese, large font)

  • Vocaloid system.png (Japanese)

  • Vocal synthesizer piano roll.png

  • Vocaloid Synthesis Engine - en.svg (English)

  • Schema der Lautüberblendung in Vocaloid.svg (Deutsch)

  • Vocaloid's phonemes crossfading - en.svg (English)

  • Vocaloid Pitch Conversion and Timbre Manipulation - en.svg (English)


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