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[New][Wartune 6.1] Venus' Battles

Armor Valor is a fantasy real-time SLG perfectly mixed with the RPG feature! This is a fantasy world full of ambitious lords dreaming of building up the mightiest kingdom. ASCENDANT SQUARE VENUS - The Ascendant shows how we project ourselves and how we appear to other people, whereas Venus indicates how we approach relationships, what we need from a relationship. With the square there will be some kind of conflict between the expression of these two aspects of your personality. 80 Venus - Precision 113k br 80 Gaia - Judgenjury 80 Medusa - Backdraft. (hell if they thought wartune was so great and unique and profitable they would have maybe.


Wartune can be played by browser or via Facebook app. How they want Wartune to be defined is a little confusing. It’s like a whole chaotic mash up of different games I played before. Wartune is best described as a collage of torn out printed copies of well known artworks and all the pieces are randomly placed in a single picture frame. Long-term goals are always important in any game, and that was a strong aspect of Wartune. I always had long-term goals. Building up two red sylph and then merging them into a kickass Odin sylph seemed a truly grand, epic long-term goal, and I liked it when I read about the first time.

The War of Eternity has escalated into Venus' Battle ever since the goddess, Venus, descended upon the land of Gaia!
Receive blessings from the Goddess to enjoy double points and stunning skills!
Use Inspire to make your attributes soar! Battling to the end right by your spouse's side!
Party up with your spouse to earn awesome rewards and tons of marriage materials!

Venus' Battle Entry

[Event Entry]
Open the event panel by clicking the event icon to sign up.

[Sign Up Requirements]

You should party up with your spouse and sign up as the team leader. The team leader needs to pay 2M Gold as a sign-up fee. Couples can sign up at any time except when battle is underway and during the settlement period following the last round of a session. Note: Since there is final settlement at the end of a session, couples can only sign up at 0:00 the next day after the final round has ended for the session.
Event Time: There are 4 sessions a year. Beginning January, 3 months constitute 1 session. When a session ends, points will reset.
Duration: There are 10 rounds during each match, starting at 20:00 every Sunday night and ending at 21:00. Each round lasts 180 seconds. There is a 120 second interval between two rounds.
Match Procedure: After signing up, couples can click [Start] on the event panel to enter the hall. Based on points, players with the same or the closest points will be matched to a battle. You may enter a fight on your own or with your spouse.
If you enter the hall during the 120 second interval, you may join the following round. Otherwise, you will skip the current round and join the next round. When 10 rounds end, settlement mail will be sent.

Hall Interface

Point Rules: Based on the result of each round, each party will be awarded party points. Players will enter the Diamond Tier, Gold Tier, Silver Tier or Iron Tier based on party points at the end of each round. A party must have over 200 points in order to receive rewards.

Point Requirement

Player Complaints:
'Newly-weds who sign up for the event at a later time will not be able to catch up with those who participated in the event before!'
As a session proceeds, points will be 'modified' for couples who sign up after a few matches have already occurred to ensure that all couples receive points in a fairly equal way.

'After getting into a higher tier, we can just get rewards even if we do not join the following battles!'
Not really. After rewards are issued for each round, points will decease slightly. Players need to keep participating in Venus' Battle to guarantee a higher tier.

'Do winning streaks offer extra rewards?'

Players will receive extra points for win streaks. The more rounds players win in a row, the more bonus points they will receive.

Tier and Ranking Panels
Settlement: Settlement will be based on party points at the end of each round. Rewards will be sent via mail.

Group Required Points Venus Crystal Reward

[Special Features]
Inspire: Besides using various scrolls before the match, players can spend Balens to inspire their own party and increase party members' attributes and Sylph attributes by 10% during battle.
Each time a party uses Inspire, Inspire level increases by 1. Both parties can use Balens to inspire their own party and Inspire effects can stack.
Max Inspire level is 10, increasing all attributes by 100%.
Effects of Inspire manifest in the next battle and last 1 battle round. At the end of a round, Inspire level and effects will reset.

Inspire Confirmation Message

Blessing of Venus

Blessing of Venus Icon

At the end of each battle, despite a win or loss, players will receive 30 blessing points that can be used in the Blessing of Venus panel to exchange for items or skills.

Blessing Point Exchange Panel (Items)

Blessing Point Exchange Panel (Skills)

Items automatically take effect in the next round. If players do not use blessing skills, they will remain until the round ends.
Blessing skills also take effect in the next round. So if it is the last round, players will not be able to exchange Blessing Points for skills and items. Blessing Points will reset at the end of each round.

Venus Shop

Players can use Venus Crystals to buy roses and other marriage materials in the Venus Shop.
Venus Crystals will not reset after a session ends.

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